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The UK’s leading venue directory, Venuefinder is a free online database with more than 15,000 venues in the UK and beyond. Event organisers – and just about anyone else needing to book somewhere to something with a group of any size – would do wise to give this reliable resource a thorough look during the early stages of your event planning.

I’ve been having a browse around the site and reckon its listings are comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Want to hire a boat? How about a casino, a cathedral or a castle? Or maybe even a zoo, racecourse, train or theme park? These are just a few of the more fascinating “venue styles” you can search for on the site. Obviously, Venuefinder lists plenty of more conventional venues such as bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs and wedding venues as well. Whatever type of place you require for your function, odds are good you’ll find a range of options on the site.

venuefinder search

Being able to search without fuss for venues is just one feature though. With Venuefinder you can save your findings to your “My Shortlist” and make notes about venues as well. Individual listings come with in-depth descriptions, accurate maps, and all sorts of pertinent information such as proximity to public transport, airports, and nearby attractions and of course details about rates and how to hire the venue.

Handy, right?

I actually can think of a few instances over the past couple of years (birthdays, blogger events, and pop-up type stuff) when Venuefinder could have made things more seamless for me. Oh well, now I know to look there first. How about you? Do you think Venuefinder’s database holds the answer to where to hold your next occasion? Look for the blue and green on your screen to start narrowing the options for your ideal choice.

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