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Go further with Gomo instant energy drinks for your body and your brain.

Gomo Energy is a Swiss start-up producing a range of vitamin-rich energy products that are sugar-free, additive-free and vegan. The folks behind the brand reached out to me recently to see if I would like to give Gomo a go. I said sure, thinking a healthy energy boost wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Off the bat, I was impressed with Gomo. I liked the travel-friendly packaging and a few of the flavours, in particular blood orange and sour cherry.

I found the drinks I’ve sampled so far actually do provide a discernable bump in energy – a bump that’s sustained and with no subsequent crash and nothing like a sugar rush. Gomo’s “Brain Focus” drink seemed to help me with concentration during a busier than usual morning of writing. Of course, to be honest, there’s no way to tell how much of my increased concentration was the result of the power of suggestion or other factors. But hey, whatever does the trick does the trick!

Mixed with mixed with sparkling water from my Sodastream, the Gomo powders provide tasty, fizzy refreshment that’s healthier and more economic than sodas and other sugary drinks.

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Below is a look at the complete Gomo lineup of instant energy drinks and direct powders, organized into four categories: Functional Editions, Sports Line, Powerfoods and Fruity Boosts. Beyond that is info about how you can purchase Gomo products for 25% with a special offer for tikichris readers.

Functional Editions
– Anti Hangover “Before Sleeping”
– Anti Hangover “Getting Up”
– Brain Focus

Sports Line
– Intense Vitality
– Sports Minerals

– Ginger Flash
– Guarana Kick
– Maca Force

Fruity Boost
– Blood Orange
– Pink Grapefruit
– Sour Apple
– Sour Cherry

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For more about Gomo, go to gomo-energy.com/en.

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