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Norwegian Reward

Norwegian Air’s frequent flyer rewards program is called Norwegian Reward. It’s free and easy to join and makes flying with this low-cost airline even more affordable.

With Norwegian Reward, the more you fly, sleep and drive, the more you earn. You get CashPoints every time you fly with the airline, or book a room or hire a car via Norwegian’s partner brands. Examples of partners include hotels.com – with more than 300,000 hotels across the globe – and Lounge Pass with hundreds of lounges at airports in its portfolio.

You can use your CashPoints just like you would cash – for full or partial payment reservations on any Norwegian Air route, as well as options such as extra baggage, luggage, cancelation insurance, Fast Track or booking changes.

In addition to CashPoints, as a Norwegian Reward member you gain rewards for every sixth flight. Rewards include 2% CashPoints boost; free seat reservation; free Fast Track; and free checked baggage.

I think this all sounds great! I’ve flown Norwegian a few times and am a fan – especially of its long haul flights and its premium seating. For the most part, I like to fly with Norwegian for its budget-friendly prices, but I really appreciate the polite service I’ve come to expect.

Norwegian is usually the first airline I look to when thinking about taking a trip. So it’s nice to know there’s now even more incentive to make Norwegian part of my travel plans.

For more about the benefits of Norwegian Reward and CashPoint earnings go to norwegianreward.com/member-benefits.

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