Comment Allez-Vous? Salutations de #SaintPabu


How’s it going? Me, I’m doing really well and still riding high on a Bretagne breeze of relaxation from my recent exploration of the shores and forests of Finistère in far west Brittany.

I spent the last two weeks of March in France, enjoying the arrival of spring in the small seaside village of Saint-Pabu. I was there with Kemey, staying at her mom’s cottage, just taking it easy for most part and venturing out from time to time for walks along Finistère’s brawny, creviced coast and through its verdant ancient forests.

Saint-Pabu is about an hour’s drive from the Ferry Port in Roscoff, which services ferries from Plymouth and Cork. And that’s how we got there and back, via overnight ferry from Plymouth.


I reckon the passage and other aspects of the trip warrant posts of their own. So, I’ll break up my recollections into a miniseries. But it’ll be different than how I tend to go about most series here on my blog. There’ll be fewer recommendations for hotels and restaurants (in fact, there’ll be none) and more emphasis on stuff like the area’s best beaches and hikes.

To whet your appetite for this wild and rugged region before I dig in with more details, have a look at and And if you can’t wait until my next post about the ferry to Roscoff, go to for routes, timetables and booking information.

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon from Saint-Pabu. A bientôt!

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