Fine Drinking on a Budget: The Best Whiskey for a Great Price


As all fans of whiskey know, sometimes getting quality taste comes at a high price which we can’t always afford. Name brands, specialty bottles, or imported drinks end up in the high end of price, and though we want to enjoy the robust tastes and thick flavors that whiskey and scotch are famous for when the budget is tight, it’s always cut.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are hidden gems that can be found on lower shelves of your whiskey aisle that have great tastes that could put even the pricey bottles to shame. Don’t overpay, just look smarter. Some of the cheapest whiskeys that still retain all of their quality can be found below. Break out your finest decanter set and breathe in the aroma of these rich, woody whiskeys.

1. Evan Williams Bottled in a Bond. Under $20! A great cocktail additive for most bars, this fine whiskey comes with a higher proof of 100, packing a punch highlighted with a smooth taste and rich flavors. Bottles can be found for around $15.99 and get the job done as any which carry a price tag of over a hundred.

2. Canadian Club 100% Rye. Under $20! Incredible imported whiskey for only $19.99! Sure, it’s not from Taiwan or Scotland, but you’re still getting an authentic taste with rich finishes, a spicy rye blend with hints of vanilla. With 80 proof, it works well in cocktails and as mixers.

3. Teacher’s Highland Cream. Under $25! A single malt and Scottish grain whiskyy combination to give the best of both worlds. Offered by Beam Suntory, smokey flavors make this whisky a great stand-alone drink or a soda mixer. Find a bottle for $24.99!

4. Old Granddad Bottled in a Bond. Under $25! A spicy, low-cost whiskey with a famous brand that has existed throughout the decades and is known to whiskey fans for it’s strong flavors and high rye. Get this one in 3 different levels of proof, from 86 – 114. Pick up one for $24.99!

5. JP Wiser’s Rye. Under $25! Another Canadian Rye with great tastes for a low cost. Established in 1857, it’s a great mixer for cocktails and packs a smooth taste at 80 proof. With rye blends such as these, you get the quality you pay for, and you’ll appreciate the taste and aroma from this surprisingly smokey bottle. Most run at $20!

There are plenty of other brands and options when it comes to finding great whiskey for a lower price. Save your money for other things but don’t let your taste buds suffer. Indulge, and let your wallet stay almost as thick as it was before you poured yourself a glass, swirled the amber glint, and took in a deep breath. Relax – you deserve it!

Written by Jen Brenner

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