Adam Rawson’s #Rawmen Pop-Up Ramen Bar

P1050139 - Adam Rawson #Rawmen Ramen Pop-Up Bar at Borough Wines & Beers

No noodling around here, Adam Rawson is back at Borough Wines & Beers’ Brewery Below with a “Rawmen” pop-up ramen bar.

It wasn’t long ago at all I was raving about Chef Rawson’s Sakura pop-up Japanese restaurant. So I was keen for a slurp when I heard he was popping-up again with a ramen bar in the same place. And, to be sure, I was prepared to be amazed. Still, when I had a taste last night, the high bar I’d set was cleared with flavoursome ease. This dude’s impressing the hell out of me with his kitchen craft. More please!

The Rawmen menu is a simple one. Choose between a main course of Hakata ramen (18-hour pork bone broth with roast pork) or shoyu miso ramen (soy miso broth with roast pork or shiitake and roast tomato). Ramens are served with with sides of spicy preserved beansprouts and pickled mustard greens with sesame.

For my sup, I went with pork on pork (with oyster mushrooms, nori, onsen egg, togarash, black garlic oil, spring onion and sesame thrown in the soup for extremely good measure). Noodles seemed to be top quality and al dente enough for my druthers. The broth was rich and milky and the meat was ample (and amplified in flavour). Preceding the main course were small plates of chicken karaage and sesame ponzu pickles (both gorgeous but not the most vegetarian friendly presentation). And the meal ended with a sansho pepper cheesecake that got tastier and tastier with each beguiling bite.

Price is an all-inclusive £25 per person (minus drinks). There’s a drinks list with sake cocktails and beer and wine served on tap. I had a house-brewed Sorachi & Yuzu Saison (two quid for a half pint!) that paired splendidly with my ramen.

Next Rawmen dinner dates are Saturday 22 April and then from Wednesday 26 to Saturday 29 April, with seatings at 6.30pm, 7.15pm, 8pm, 8.45pm and 9.30pm.

The Brewery Below is downstairs at Borough Wines & Beers, 344 Essex Road, N1 3PD. To book Sakura tickets and find out more go to

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