Glovax: New Multi-Use, Super Durable Gloves


Glovax is a new multi-use glove coming to market that’s ideal for just about any handy situation.

Glovax gloves are made from special yarns (produced in only two factories in the world – one in Zhejiang, China and the other in Japan) that are resistant to abrasion, blade cutting, tearing, and puncture. They’re also water and oil proof with anti-skidding material on the palm and fingers for a firm grid no matter how slippery the situation. They feel impressively lightweight and flexible on the hand – and pretty comfortable too.

Right now Glovax is in the midst of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, already achieving 190% of its goal with a month left. I had a pair sent to me by designer Owen Zhang. Strong enough to wear for unhinged adventure and any sort of grueling manual labour, I’ve hardly put my pair to the test but nonetheless found them perfect for the bit of home gardening I’ve been doing and for the couple of BBQs I’ve cooked up. No nicks, cuts, burns, callouses or scrapes – that’s gotta be a first!


The gloves can be purchased online via the Indiegogo campaign page for as little as US$15, which I reckon is exceptionally good value considering the wear-and-tear they can take and the broad range of uses. If you do a lot of car repair, fishing, hunting, building or anything else that puts your hands and fingers to the test, I’m certain you’ll find Glovax will keep you better protected and maybe even increase your efficiency.

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