Salt Beef Bagels, Iced Coffee and More at Mercer & Co, Chapel Market


At £3.90, a recent late breakfast/early lunch of hand carved salt beef with mustard (I went with American) and a pickled gherkin on a bagel was minimal money went spent for a mightily meaty and thoroughly filling meal.

Short on time and low on funds? Keep Mercer & Co in mind. I certainly will.

This Chapel Market bar and canteen serves up a delicious dose of Americana (a la New York City) with bagels, mac n cheese, chili, slaw, salad boxes, subs and more. I’m not sure from where the bagels are sourced but they’re better (and more reminiscent of NYC) than most I’ve come across in London.


As much as I loved my salt beef bagel, next time I’ll probably go for a Reuben (salt beef, sauerkraut and Swiss on rye, £5.90), though I would suggest pastrami (traditional meat for this iconic sandwich) is different from old school London salt beef.

Coffee (Union is the supplier) is good too. I got an iced coffee (£2.70 for a large). Black. It did the trick on a busy, sunny day.

Aside from salt beef v pastrami semantics, no complaints! Service was fast and friendly. Food and drink were tasty and nicely priced. Seating was comfy. I sat at the bar people watching out the window. Alcohol is served with cocktails starting at six quid.

Mercer & Co is located at 26 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ. Find out more at

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