Graze Across Galicia: Casa Marcelo


For fine dining that’s as fun as it flavoursome, Casa Marcelo in Santiago more than fits the bill as I was pleased to discover during my Graze Across Galicia.

To the best of my knowledge, Casa Marcelo is the only Michelin starred restaurant in Santiago and one of about a dozen across Galicia. Soon into my meal, I could see why it had received such a prized honour; service was swift and polite, the setting was tasteful, upscale and comfortable, the wine list was exquisite and – most importantly – the food was phenomenal.

But for all the rarefied elegance one might expect from a Michelin star dining experience, what really won me over was how much fun and casual eating there turned out to be. Guests are encouraged to roll up their sleeves, pick at food with their fingers, speak a little louder than usual to compete and complement the buzz generated by the other diners seated along the restaurants centerpiece communal table. You go there to relax and have a good time, allowing the chef and his staff do what they do best.

And what Chef Marcelo Tejedor and his crew do best is serve a fusion of cuisine that’s very much Galician at its core with strong East Asian influences and a touch of Latin flair. On my lunchtime visit, the menu’s theme was “Japo-Mundi-Galician-Trip” and the journey it took my palate on proved to be one of the best meals I’ve enjoyed this year.

Best bits? Oh God! I loved so much of it, but my two faves were probably the Patata Puerro (potatoes prepared with the texture of leeks with egg yolk and bacon) and Fabas Thai y Coco (beans in coconut milk with a zestful hint of kaffir lime).

Reservations are essential.

Casa Marcelo is located at Rúa das Hortas 1, 15705. Find out more at

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