Death’s Door #Gindependence Pop-Up Dive Bar


Alexandra Kalinowski discovers some American spirit with #Gindendence in Dalston.

Missing Fourth of July for us Americans is like missing Thanksgiving (sorry I’ve wracked my brain for some sort of British holiday anyone could empathise with to no avail). It’s soul destroying to know that the rest of your family and friends are on the beach, barbecuing and watching the fireworks, while you watch the rain dribble down your work window. Sometimes I even go out and buy red cups just to pretend I’m having a grand ole time …

But not this year. I’m bringing my best friend and Wisconsinite to me. Except she’s in the form of Death’s Door… Or simply put, gin. Distilled in Wisconsin with just three botanicals (coriander, fennel and juniper berries), Death’s Door is a crisp, refreshing gin. To celebrate, they are hosting a 48-hour #Gindependence dive bar in Dalston. Yes it’s full of striped red, white and blue, a bit of taxidermy and board games. And yes it’s super fleeting so you best get yourself out of bed stat and on your way over for a full day of fun.

P6300343Starting at noon on Saturday 1st July a special drinks menu with £5-£7 cocktails will be available until midnight. We’re talking Negronis, Tom Collins, passion fruit cocktails, martini’s, G&Ts, you name it… And after you’ve had fun downing a few of those, it’s time to put your hand-eye-coordination to the test at the Pinball Wizard Championship. Or if that’s not your game, air hockey and pool are sure to bring you back to your childhood.

Good fun, chill vibe and a great way to celebrate the Fourth: a blend of British trends and American-made spirits.

Death’s Door Dive Bar is on from Friday 30th June to Saturday 1st July. It can be found at 80 Dalston Lane, London E8 3AH. Find out more about Death’s Door at

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