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Samoa has one of the South Pacific’s most beautiful and varied coastlines, complemented by a lush mountainous interior.

An ideal island getaway, visitors here can pick and choose between paddling round kiddie pool lagoons of vast breadth but knee-high depth, to catching the spray off gargantuan waves crashing into craggy sea cliffs. Or both, because more often than not such lazy lagoons and hard-pounded precipices are just a few minutes drive apart, and surrounded on all sides by waterfalls, swimming holes, cave pools, white sand beaches and rainforest trails.

By all means, I heartily recommend visiting Samoa for the good times and lovely sights, but also for the back to basics joy of being there. Everything slowed to a soothing lull when I whiled away the better part of two weeks. Except for my pulse, that is, which quickened more than usual during my sometimes adventurous and always picturesque tour.

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