Good Stuff #68


Good stuff and lots of it!

Here’s the low down on some fine things to see, sip, savour and more – all of which I’ve recently come across and thought were worth sharing with you. Enjoy.


Good for when you need to refuel on the go and don’t want to stuff a lot of crap down your pie hole, Ambronite drinkable “supermeals” are made of 20 organic ingredients like berries, nuts, seeds, and spinanch and are designed to “supply all of a human body’s daily needs.” As Kemey’s and my summer has been especially hectic our stash of Ambronite has come in handy for early morning starts and while on the road.

Aluna Coconut Rum

Wow. What a refreshing and flavoursome drink! Aluna Coconut Rum ain’t no cheap novelty drink either. A high altitude Guatemalan rum distilled from virgin sugar cane honey with added organic coconut water is naturally sweet but not at all sugary. Get a bottle (£24.95/70cl) from, the UK’s leading online drinks vendor.

Encona Limited Edition Carolina Reaper Sauce

This ketchup-based hot sauce is indeed just that – hot! According to the folks at Encona, their Carolina Reaper chilli used in this sauce is more than 22 times hotter than the African birdseye chilli used to make piri piri and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records is officially the world’s hottest chilli pepper. So yeah, a little dab’ll do ya. I’ve been enjoying it in small measures with an assortment of dishes such as baked beans, hot dogs, wings and more.

Ombar Chocolate

Keep it raw with Ombar’s low ingredient, vegan chocolate bars made with a high percentage of raw cacao from Ecuador and coconut sugar (and no refined sugar) are a tasty treat and a healthy superfood alternative to most chocolate. I snacked my way through a range of three bars – the Ombar 72% Coacao, the Ombar Coco Mylk, and the Ombar Centres Raspberry and Coconut – and loved them all. Look for Ombar Chocolate at shops such as Wholefoods Market and Planet Organic and online at Ocado.

The Breath Co Toothpaste

Devouring all this delicious food and drink means I should go brush my teeth. Having sampled (and been impressed by) The Breath Co products before I was happy to give their toothpaste a try. It’s great and leaves my mouth feeling from fresher longer than the major brands I’m familiar with. Find The Breath Co products at Boots.

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