The #RutteRoute to Discovering the History of Gin and Genever


A little over a month ago I tagged along on a mini tour of The Netherlands en route to the Rutte & Sons Distillery on the tiny island of Dordrecht in South Holland.

Hosted by the friendly folks from Rutte, it was an amazing little trip full of flavoursome food, fantastic drinks and awesome nightlife as well as a chance to trace the history of gin and its predecessor genever while learning about Rutte’s significant role in that lineage.

Over a series of Rutte Route posts I’ll share the highlights of my tour and even try to see about sharing some of the liquid souvenirs I brought back with me with one lucky tikichris reader. So stay tuned!

About Rutte

Rutte & ZN was founded by Simon Rutte in Dordrecht, South Holland in 1872, with a motto of “distilled with passion.” Owned by the Rutte family until John Rutte’s death in 2003. The firm was taken over by De Kuyper, another historic family-owned Dutch company, in 2011 and continues to make a range of gin, genever, vodka and liqueurs.

For more about Rutte and its 130 years of distilling heritage go to

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