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For a shave and a haircut (and a chance to relax) head to Ted’s Grooming Room.

I recently got invited round to Ted’s Soho location for a Cut a Dash with Ted treatment (£75). The hour-long service featured a haircut combined with a hot towel treatment and a shave, with ear flaming, brow threading and even an arm massage. Considering the raw material my barber had to work with, I’d say he did a fantastic job.

Definitely the best cut and shave I’ve had in quite some time, my visit was also a much-appreciated chance to chill out for a while. Service was topnotch starting with my choice of drink; I could have had a beer but as I felt it too early at 11am I went with a bottle of sparkling mineral water. I felt squeakily clean cut when it was time to move on and happy for the experience.

I’d recommend a treatment at Ted’s to any fella seeking an above average cut in town or as a gift idea for anyone with a fella who could do with a bit of man pampering.

Ted’s Grooming Room is located at 42 Berwick Street, W1F 8RZ, with several other outlets across London including its Mortimer Street Lounge in Fitzrovia. Find out more at tedsgroomingroom.com.

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