Recipe: Rooibos Ribeye

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I’m not sure where the idea for this came from, but it really works. And digging around online for inspiration suggests using rooibos to flavour meat isn’t that strange of a notion.

Playing around with the rub I tried it on three different cuts of beef: fillet, sirloin and rib eye. It was tasty with all three. But I reckon it went best with the ribeye.

I think it would taste good on duck breast and chicken too. I intend to try a variation of this rub on chicken wings sometime soon.


Ingredients (for one steak)

  • 1 heaping tablespoon of rooibos (about the same as the contents of one teabag);
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt;
  • Black Pepper to taste (I’d say about 1 teaspoon);
  • 1 tablespoon of crushed coriander seeds;
  • Birdseye chilli to taste (This chilli is super hot! Use sparingly. I recommend only a few thin slices per steak);
  • 1 crushed or finely diced garlic clove;
  • Pinch of lime zest.

If you’re planning to make the dry rub alone, stop with the above ingredients, grind them together and store in an airtight container in a dark, dry place. If you’re planning to cook with it immediately, continue with the following:

  • 3-5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil;
  • Juice from 1/4 lime;
  • 220g (or so) ribeye (or steak of your choice).


  • Grind and mix the dry rub ingredients together;
  • Score your steak;
  • Coat the steak in olive oil and lime juice;
  • Cover it thoroughly with the dry ingredients;
  • Wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate (preferably for 24-48 hours);
  • Remove from the fridge about 30 minutes before cooking;
  • Keep the wrap on until just before cooking;
  • Cook your steak in your preferred method.


Let your steak cool for a few minutes before serving. A extra drizzle of olive oil on top, some piri-piri sauce on the side, or a squeeze of fresh lime might be a nice addition.

Shopping at Aldi for Steak

I used 100% British steaks purchased from Aldi for my rooibos rub. I found the meat to be flavoursome and at an affordable price, and I was especially happy with the Scotch Aberdeen Angus ribeye when prepared with my rub.

All of Aldi’s everyday fresh meats are quality approved by the Government’s certified EBLEX scheme, which improves efficiency in the beef supply chain as well as adding value to the beef industry. Aldi’s fresh meats are also 100% Red Tractor Assured, which means all of their fresh meat is produced safely and responsibly.

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