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Located in the far northeast corner of Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia borders Austria to its north, Slovenia to its east and the Italian autonomous region of Veneto to the west. It has a long stretch of Adriatic shoreline, is home to the mightly Dolomite Mountains, and boasts a fascinating and culturally complex history.

It’s one of Italy’s most dynamic and least appreciated destinations – and among my favourite places (in the world) to visit. So when I was invited back by the region’s tourism office to join its “Tastes of Friuli Venezia Giulia Food & Wine Tour” this summer I was all sorts of excited.

Like anywhere in Italy, FVG’s food and drink are phenomenal. And, as with any Italian region, its cuisine is distinctive and very much of the land. Indeed, a craving for FVG’s food and drink is what led me there in 2013 when I first visited the region. Days into enjoying some of the best beer, ham, wine and more (More! More!) I’ve ever come across I was hooked.

I’m pleased to report that five years on, FVG still tastes great. During this most recent excursion I got to discover even more delicious sides of this unique corner of Europe. Stay with me as I recount some of the most delectable highlights of my time there in a short series of posts about the Flavours of Friuli Venezia Giuli.

To whet your appetite until my next post, go to turismofvg.it for travel ideas, itinerary inspiration, discounts, special offers and more to make your time in FVG as flavoursome as can be.

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