HipStar: Collapsible Hands-Free Travel Cart


HipStar is the world’s first collapsible hands-free travel cart.

Designed to ease the load of moving heavy items over any terrain, HipStar can be used as a cart, backpack, or bike trailer. Indeed, inventor Igor Koshutin reckons his creation has the potential to revolutionise how people travel for work and pleasure.

Developed by Koshutin for Art Matrix LLC as a lightweight, durable, and versatile cart, HipStar can be used for all sorts of trips. Whether you’re taking a short stroll to the park for a picnic or embarking upon a major mountaineering expedition, HipStar should come in handy in helping you lug everything from one place to another in comfort. Tourists, hikers, photographers, backpackers, fishermen, foragers, hunters, golfers and even military personnel should all find it to be a convenient way to transport their stuff while keeping their hands free and taking the weight off their shoulders and back.

Past prototype stage, Koshutin and crew are shifting into the early days of crowdfunding with a Kickstarter campaign to be launched soon. To get in on that action, follow this link and sign up to be among the first to be updated and to be able to pre-order your own HipStar: hipstar.us/pre-launch-main.

Subscribers have a chance to share design ideas before a final model is approved and will be informed three or four days in advance about the official launch date. They also will have the chance to pre-order HipStar at a deep discount. First orders will be 40% off the planned price.


Once on the market, HipStar will be available in three versions: Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty.

Owing to its distinct harness that can be attached to your waist – and thus shifting the burden of weight to the user’s hips and legs – the cart can greatly reduce the amount of energy needed for carrying almost anything. For example, the heavy-duty model would allow someone to move up to 80lb of gear with the energy otherwise required for only 6lb. Medium and light models should make the HipStar an affordable solution for a broad range of uses.

For plenty more details, go to hipstar.net.

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