Good Stuff #70

Good Stuff

Good stuff and lots of it!

Here’s the low down on some fine things to see, sip, savour and more – all of which I’ve recently come across and thought were worth sharing with you. Enjoy.

AnySharp Pro

Palm-sized, high quality knife sharpener, AnySharp Pro, is designed with safety in mind, comes in range of attractive colours and is suitable for just about any knife blade. I’m impressed and glad to have such a handy wayl to keep my knives sharp. Look for it on Amazon priced at £16.20.

Rivière du Mât XO

This is extra old rhum agricole distilled on the island of Reunion is a rich with vanilla spice notes. A blend of five rums aged at least six years in oak, I reckon it’s worth the £50 or so you should expect to pay for it. A fine sipper for the end of summer and early autumn!

Good Stuff

Nergi Berry Fruits

There’s a new fruit available for purchase in the UK: Nergi berry fruits aka baby kiwis aka kiwi berries. They kinda looks and tastes like a kiwi, just smaller (bite-sized) with an edible, non-fuzzy skin and a more complex aftertaste. Nergi make a great vitamin-rich, low calorie snack, are perfect for smoothies, as well as salads and all sorts of desserts and light dishes. I like ‘em. Originated in New Zealand, Nergi are grown now in France and southern Europe. The season runs from late August to mid November. Find them on the shelves at Lidl and Marks & Spencer in 125g punnets, 750g trays and 90g shakers.

Footner Coolactive Massager

New Footner Coolactive Massager is an innovative metal rollerball foot massager which dispenses a cold soothing foam, providing immediate relief for burning, tired, heavy feet. Footner Coolactive Massager foam instantly cools hot feet, and contains moisturizing ingredients include cypress seed extract which is said to help reduce swelling and deodorise. It’s available at Boots for £19.99.

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