4 Eccentric Family Fun Excursions in Mykonos


Happen to be travelling to Mykonos with your family and children? Well, in this article, I will be listing a few family fun excursions you could plan to go on to ensure you have the perfect family vacation.

These activities in Mykonos will make your trip a memorable one for sure! A lot of the excursions are extremely cheap to suit the budget and needs of your family and they will help in entertaining and educating your children whilst they are on holiday.

However, whilst there are many cheap excursions you can go on you may not want to spend the time and money travelling around the island to these activities, so an even a cheaper option where you can still spend valuable time with your family would be to spend the day in your villa or hotel. This is why I think villas are the perfect holiday accommodation, not only do they offer services even the best hotels couldn’t, they are extremely private and all features are solely yours.

The access you have to your own private pool I find is a necessary feature, as not only do you have to wake up extra early to put your towels down ensuring you’ll have a sun bed for the whole day, but you can swim in it all hours of the day and night if you want to. If you choose to stay in a luxurious villa, realistically you won’t even want to leave as everything is there for you with WI-FI access, TV’s, sound systems, DVD and CD players and board games, what more could you possibly want?

Choosing to accommodate in a luxury villa would be the most beneficial option. A well-known company is Blue Villas who have a wide range of villas in Mykonos to suit everyone’s budget and needs. Each luxury villa is completely different to the other and varies in size and the features it’s equipped with. The larger sized villas can accommodate up to 18 guests which would be perfect for an occasion and most are pet-friendly so if you are travelling with your loved pet you can ensure they’ll have a place to stay here.

Some additional features some of the Mykonos villas may have are; a fully equipped gym, tennis court, external Jacuzzis, and helipads if you are wanting to go on the helicopter tours they offer. Your own personal chef will be at hand to cook your meals meaning essentially, you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your villa… except when your vacation is over of course!

If you plan on exploring Mykonos outside of your villa, here are 4 affordable excursions I would recommend you to take your family on;

Little Venice

The buildings of this little neighbourhood extend right into the sea with their balconies over hanging the water. Littered with small bars it’s seen as a really romantic district. It’s the best place in town to watch the sunset, with a crowd of very young and very friendly enjoy a great shopping trip. You can pay additional costs to go on shore excursions which will give you your own private tour of Little Venice.

The Windmill

The windmills in Mykonos were initially constructed by the Venetians in the 16th century, these landmarks harnessed the winds to mill wheat which became a very valuable source of income in Mykonos. These windmills are now seen as one of the most picturesque sites of Mykonos and with a total of 16 standing now you can go enjoy a trip out to the one that has been turned into a museum.

Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise beach is seen as the party beach with the most bustle, for a worthwhile experience I would recommend getting to the beach early where you can relax when it’s quiet especially if you’re taking younger children and then music will begin to play at noon.

The LGBT community occupy the majority of the right side of the beach and throughout the rest of the day the music will blare out to the ocean, with people dancing non-stop. This beach is a major destination for Greek students on spring break and some nice ways to spend money would be on the Q mini market, a boutique, the several beach/pool bars and the restaurants there. It’s a beautiful, multicultural place. Special events and parties happen regularly here at the end of the beach.

Church of Paraportiani
Open 6am to 6pm

The church of Paraportiani is a complex of four churches in one spot which is evidenced from the different building styles that went into this construction, which include Byzantine, vernacular, traditional and western styles. The wear and tears to the walls from nature contribute to the Church’s beauty.

It’s unusual architectural style makes it one of the most photographed buildings on the island as visitors have to pass through four ground floor temples to then ascend to the first floor. If visiting I would recommend going during the sunset to take the most beautiful photographs. If visiting during prayer time you’ll be able to light a candle inside, watching the locals pray here is beautiful.

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