Up in the Air About Downtime?


I’ve got a long haul trip coming up. I’m really looking forward to reaching my destination, but I can’t say I’m terribly excited about the flights to get there (and back) not to mention hanging around in airports or my transfers between home, airports and accommodations. To be honest, I’m not exactly dreading the travel. In fact, in some small regard, I see the time I’ll be waiting around for my flight and then sitting on planes for several hours as a chance to sort of catch up with myself and make the most of some imposed downtime.

What do you do during episodes of travel downtime? Here’s a look at a few ways I plan to spend the less exciting moments of my next big trip.

Free Spins

Do you ever play around in online casinos? One I’m considering checking out is Energy Casino. It offering new signups a rather generous welcome bonus at the moment. The Energy Casino offer is for 100 free spins to play via this top-rated online casino. That should be plenty to keep in occupied while in transit!


A lot of what I’m planning to do during my flights is, well, nothing much at all. Rest my brain, meditate, let ideas come to me, and use the time away from my normal work and home environments to see where my thoughts go. Over the years, flying has been great for me having random ‘eureka’ moments and piecing together things in my mind that that I hadn’t realised were connected.

Inbox Attack!

I don’t know about you, but my email inbox is a monster these days. I’ve got so many messages I need to respond to. I’m pretty sure I won’t have WiFi while in flight. Even so, keeping a window open on my email page and working through drafting responsed and deleting all the chaff should turn out to be an efficient way to while away a few hours in the air.

Read a Book

Remember books? I hate to admit it, but I hardly ever read them anymore. Sure, I’m reading text on a screen all the time. But actually picking up a book and even leafing through it, not so much. So I’m thinking my upcoming itinerary will be an excellent opportunity to get reacquainted with reading text from a paper page. However, I haven’t one up yet for my trip. Any recommendations for a good, engaging page turner?

I’d love to hear any tips you might have about making the most of downtime. What do you to keep your mind occupied when you’re travelling.

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