How to Do Hong Kong for $100 a Day (Miles Away)

How to do Hong Kong for $100 a Day

Hong Kong is famous for a lot of things. Being an inexpensive city isn’t one of them. Nevertheless, experiencing east-meets-west with big city glitz doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

As a destination known for making the most of the limited space and for having one of the world’s most fiercely competitive food scenes, bargains mostly certainly do abound. In fact, some of the coolest things about any visit to Hong Kong happen in the street and, if not actually free, they are negligible in price.

Allow us to lay out a few ideas to help you save money on during your trip with some tips on where to stay and how to play on a limited budget. We’re assuming you already have your airfare taken care of and that you won’t be renting a car. The local currency is the Hong Kong Dollar (HK$) with an exchange rate of (at the time this post was written) HK$7.8125 to 1 United States Dollar (US$).

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