BLADE: A Unique Experience in Hairdressing

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Demi Perera has a hair clubbing experience at Blade Soho.

As you walk through the streets of Soho you will find yourself in one the most vibrant, eclectic and historic areas of London. The sheer energy of this part of town cannot be denied. Soho is filled to the brim with theatres, bars, coffee shops and restaurants. We can now add Blade Hairclub to that list.

Blade has perfectly captured its surrounding energy and moulded it in it’s unique “hair clubbing” experience. The brainchild of Julia Olofsson and D.T. Stroo it’s a salon that combines a well stocked bar, an espresso bar and a great haircut.

I had an appointment at Blade for a wash and blow dry and arrived little early so I could explore the space. The espresso bar upstairs serves a range of single origin coffees and freshly pressed juices. Downstairs, a cosy but well stocked bar serves up an array of wines, craft beers, single malt whiskies and cocktails worthy of a restaurant. All of it has been painstakingly and passionately sourced to enhance the Blade experience.

As I started to sip my gold medal winning New Zealand white Pinot Noir my stylist started to work on my locks. Even on that late Tuesday afternoon the salon was abuzz with clients. It’s worth noting that they cater to both men and women.

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My wash and blow dry was a wonderfully relaxing experience after a busy day. It included a 5 minute head massage and the stylist talked through every product used on my hair. She also offered advice on maintaining the general health of my scalp. In under 45 minutes my flat, lifeless locks were transformed into a Hollywood worthy, glossy, full bodied mane. I was more than pleased with the result. Great wine and great hair. I couldn’t have asked for more.


My “wash and blow dry” cost £36 and my Richmond Plains Pinot Noir was £4.70 for 125ml.

Blade Soho is located at 26 Frith Street, W1D 5LD. Find out more at

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