A Perfect Gin and Tonic at Brasserie Blanc

Demi Perera attends a ginned up Festival of Flavour at Brasserie Blanc.

I attended the Festival of Flavour at the Fulham Reach branch of Brasserie Blanc last week to celebrate its new autumn menu. Raymond Blanc’s classically French restaurant hosted a very British evening of fine gin and tonic to mark the occasion. Bombay Sapphire, one of London’s favourite distilled gins and award-winning premium tonic water, Fever Tree, crafted a splendid evening for event.
Festival of Flavour

With the long standing history and craftsmanship of both brands perfectly complimenting each other we were surely in for a treat. As the evening proceeded my fellow guests and I were treated to taster dishes of Brasserie Blanc’s new menu as we learnt to create a perfect Gin and Tonic in four easy steps.

The Perfect Gin and Tonic

Step one consisted of picking your favourite Fever Tree mixer (mine was Mediterranean) to add to the gin. Step two was selecting a botanical such as fresh ginger, juniper berries or cinnamon. Step three was finishing off with a favourite garnish such as lemon, lavender, mint or rosemary. Last but not least was the final step of tasting your fine creation.

There was a clear favourite of the night for me. It was the gorgeously aromatic and incredibly flavoured G&T made up of Mediterranean tonic mixer, flakes of fresh ginger and garnished with the prettiest lavender. Yes, lavender!!

As I sipped this wonderful creation it dawned on me that it had become perfectly possible to re-invent the wheel. With a wealth of know how and an abundance of passion Bombay Sapphire and Fever Tree appears have done exactly that. 14 different mixers combined with a variety of botanicals has, at least in my opinion, taken the classic G&T forward along paths never before thought possible. I’ll happily raise a glass to that.

Brasserie Blanc Fulham Reach is located at Parr’s Way, W6 9AN. There are five other locations across London and more than another dozen locations across the UK. Find out more at brasserieblanc.com.

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