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Alexandra Kalinowski has an asterisk inducing good time geeking out with Ikea.

How’s this for irony. I was stuck* at the office last night building two Ikea desks. Because I wanted to. Because it’s bloody good fun. And about 30 minutes later I was transported through a time warp of 30 years at The Ikea House Party in Greek Street, Soho.

You could say I’m a massive Ikea geek. I adore building things as it reminds me of my weekends growing up in Chicago building Mom’s home office with Dad. He’d tell me how to screw everything properly** (because yes, there’s a science to it) and patiently watch after I’d tell him, “I can do it myself,” and lift kilos of weight a 7-year-old shouldn’t have. Once we were finished, I’d creep up to the fourth floor and admire everything we’d put together. The satisfaction of it.

So you can guess I was beyond excited to head to the launch of the four-day Ikea pop-up here in London. Spanning over 4 floors, Ikea have re-created living rooms from the ‘80s all the way to present day (and beyond). Each staircase you move up provides you with fun facts and key dates as to how Ikea has transformed British living over the decades. Play your favourite childhood board games, eat household foods from each decade and sip on cocktails popular back in the day. DJ’s on every floor will play some of your favourite tunes as you kick back and relax with friends. There’s no assembly required to attend (unfortunately), but I guess allen keys and booze don’t really mix.

The Ikea House Party is a 4-day pop-up at 19 Greek Street, W1D 4DT.

It will run from 18th-21st October daily from 12pm-6pm & 7pm-12am. It’s free to attend but you will need to book your space. You can do so here:

*Note I chose to stay late and do this. Lol my employers would never hold me against my will.

**Also I just re-read this and realised it might come off dirty. We’re talking Phillips screwdriver here…

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Alexandra Kalinowski is usually found with one hand on the keyboard being a digital booze guru while the other holds some sort of food slathered in Nutella. When food isn't on the brain, she's contemplating her next trip. Originally from Chicago, she's found her home in London's cafes where she's currently exploring a new one each day for one year. Find her in one, or on social at @akboogie.
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