Top 7 Foods that Help Grow Your Baby’s Brain

How to Grow Your Baby's Brain

While your baby is developing, you want to be sure that you’re doing everything possible so that you can stay on top of everything that may be going on with them.

How can you be sure that you’re getting whatever you need so that they can get what they need? Here’s a list of the top seven foods that can help you to grow your baby’s brain.

1. Fish

We’ve all heard that fish is good for our own brains, but did you know that it can be a great thing for your children to have as well? Fish actually help to provide Omega 3’s to your baby’s brain, which helps your baby’s brain to develop better and makes it so that it’s easier for them to concentrate as well. It can also help your baby’s brain to adapt better as they get older.

2. Oatmeal

Are you someone that likes eating oatmeal on a fairly regular basis? If so, then you will find that it’s a good thing to keep doing when you’re pregnant. Many people don’t think of oatmeal, but it actually helps to keep the baby’s brain arteries clear, allowing them to develop better. Plus, you can add some of the next ingredients to the mix so that you can get more for your efforts.

3. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is known for being a healthy fat. Why does that matter for your baby’s brain? Because, in the long run, it helps brain cells to stay healthy for sending and receiving information.

4. Hemp Seeds

This may seem like a strange concept, but hemp seeds have been getting a lot of attention lately, and much of that attention is good. With hemp seed consumption, you are actuallypromoting normal brain growth and development. American Hemp Oil is a way to include the seeds in your diet that some find works better than eating the actual seeds.

5. Fruit and Veg

We’ve all heard that these are good for you, well, they are especially important as your baby grows. By consuming vegetables and fruits on a regular basis, you will find that they actually help with antioxidants, which protect brain tissue from damage and makes it so that development goes through smoothly.

6. Peanut Butter

We all crave peanut butter in strange ways during pregnancy, which is why it’s not surprising that this is on this list. Protein needs to increase during pregnancy; in the long run, it actually helps to build cells and develop hormones. While lean meat and other protein-filled foods are great options as well, you will find that peanut butter is a good, healthy, fatty form of it.

7. Orange Juice

Keeping your immune system sharp during pregnancy is always a good idea, but there are a few other reasons that you may want to go ahead and consider drinking orange juice during pregnancy. OJ contains bothfolate and folic acid, which both play a role when it comes to preventing birth defects and they also help keep the brain healthy.

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