Movie Review: Better Watch Out

Better Watch Out

Christmas horror flick sound like your thing? Keep Better Watch Out in mind for Yuletide chills and thrills.

The Australian-American horror comedy directed by Chris Peckover starts out preparing viewers seemingly for one kind of plot and then twists into another – and then another in a romp that’s a bit like Home Alone with considerably more adult themes and a babysitter thrown into the story for good measure. It’s hard to go into much detail without giving away the juiciest bits. So allow me just to say what I enjoyed most about the recent screening I attended was the surprise turns the story took.

I also enjoyed the acting of Levi Miller as the naïve and innocent (or is he?) Luke Lerner, Olivia DeJonge as Luke’s babysitter Ashley and especially Ed Oxenbould as Luke’s best mate Garrett.

Dramatic expectation was high at moments with especially tense build-ups during in the first third of Better Watch Out. There were a few fairly epic scenes of gore and violence, but the film was driven mostly by expectation by suspense.

Better Watch Out opens in the UK 8 December 2017. Find out more at

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