Hoxton Serves up Some Flavour

Demi Perera has a flavourful time in Hoxton at a Smith and Sinclair collaboration with Lanique.

How do you like your art? Shaken, not stirred? How about edible? Well, now anything has been made possible. Smith and Sinclair, who made all our grown up dreams come true by creating alcohol pastilles, have teamed up with the equally indulgent Lanique liqueur to bring us The Flavour Gallery.

A basement in Hoxton has been transformed in to a space where we are invited to consume art through taste, touch and tickle. It is an exhibition that is best described as a “sensory” or even “sensual”. Specially commissioned interactive artwork by Terry Pastor, London Loom and Anja Predojevic nudges away from the traditional idea of an exhibition and ushers us towards a different journey of exploration. Through smell, sound and certainly taste we are encouraged to transform in to exhibits ourselves. If eating art is your thing then this is indeed the place to do it.

Away from the main room a bar serves up imaginative bespoke cocktails. The drinks have been meticulously created to harmonise with Lanique’s delicate blend of ingredients. As such, the space executes an exceptional delivery of indulging all the senses. Do not feel that you had lived until you relish Lanique, almond syrup, lemon juice, dill and ginger ale shaken and poured over ice as a cocktail.

As with all of Smith and Sinclair’s endeavours this too takes what we already know and turns it on it’s head. We will, once again, be willingly indebted.

The Flavour Gallery runs from 9th November – 17th December at The Hoxton Basement, 12 – 18 Hoxton Street, N1 6ND​. Find out more at smithandsinclair.com/theflavourgallery.

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