Preview: Immerse Erotic Storytelling at House of Kittens’ Menagerie


Immerse erotic theatre company House of Kittens is to host Menagerie, an evening of conceptual vignettes with an aim to “delve into the endless expression of pleasure to engage people in a new liberated theatrical movement.”

The show runs for one night only at an undisclosed but said to be “opulent” location in East London.

With founder/director Sophie Cohen at the helm, House of Kittens takes inspiration from cult films, high fashion, musical icons, and underground art to present sexually charged (and scantily clad) storytelling that combines elaborate costumes, musical curation and collaborative choreography.

This kinda sounds like highbrow gloss for lowbrow performance to me – but also a fun, frisky and provocative night out put on a professional cast. I’m looking forward to attending.

On Thursday 30th November, House of Kittens will host Menagerie – an evening of conceptual, theatrical vignettes. Guests will converge in an opulent secret location where the audience will find themselves transported into a world of sensual theatre to experience a unique, immersive journey embracing the surreal, the dramatic and the erotic.

House of Kittens’ Menagerie is Thursday 30 November. Doors open at 7pm (with dancing “till late”). Location is disclosed upon booking. Dress code is “Neo Noir.” Tickets cost £30 and available for purchase at

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