How has your year been and how does it seem to be winding down? Mine’s been good and at times phenomenal. I’m looking forward to coasting into Christmas and already am dreaming big with some juicy plans for 2018.

So, as I’ve done on this blog every Thanksgiving Day since 2011, I’d like to take a quick moment to reflect upon the year and say a few words of thanks.

One thing I’m super chuffed about and especially grateful for is the steady stream of high quality posts now being published on by a small team of contributors. For a few years now I’ve had folks pitching in on the blog here and there with contributions but nothing like the current situation. As I continue to delve deeper into specific topics and themes that interest me, to travel more often and to more faraway places, and to try to grow my blog beyond its small fry/rinky dink bounds, I appreciate knowing there are enthusiastic and reliable writers lending a hand with their own engaging content.

Alexandra, Cat, Demi, KC, Kemey, and Zay: thank you so much for your fine writing and your time. It means a lot that you choose to write for my site. I look forward to more opportunities to share your work with my readers in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Chris Osburn is the founder, administrator and editor of tikichris. In addition to blogging, he works as a freelance journalist, photographer, consultant and curator.
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