5 Benefits of Yoga in a Busy World

5 Benefits of Yoga in a Busy World

Most of us find ourselves short on time and motivation at the end of a busy work week. Especially when we want to factor in hobbies and social opportunities as well. However, even the busy traveller or self-proclaimed “foodie” can benefit from taking part in a little yoga here and there throughout the week.

These 5 benefits of yoga in a busy world may have you considering giving it a try, even just for a few minutes each day.

1. Weight Loss

Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is a struggle that most of the population deals with on a daily basis. It is hard to stay on track when we are bombarded with delicious restaurants, recipes, social occasions with elaborate meals and many other sweet indulgences. With the increase in time spent at work or tending to family, there is little time for a visit to the gym. The benefits of yoga for weight loss can be very surprising. Yoga forces you to use muscle groups you may not be accustomed to using without being strenuous, which in turn helps build muscle mass and burn fat.

2. Hit the Pause Button

Participating in yoga, whether independently or along with a class, allows you time in a busy day to stop and breathe. You can clear your mind, feel a sense of relaxation and reconnect with yourself. The balance you achieve between your mind, body and soul will allow you to continue on in high pressure jobs, busy schedules and lists of obligations.

3. Socialization

This applies more to those who engage themselves in group yoga or classes at a gym. With the increased use in social media, computers and smartphones it seems we have lost touch with face to face interaction on a social level. Even if you attend many functions or galas for work, these often carry an undertone of obligation. With a yoga class, you can meet new people who may have similar interests or even people who will expand your horizons.

4. Reduce Stress

Whether you want to admit it or not, stress has a physical toll on your body. You don’t have to be a high paid executive or CEO of a large corporation to feel stress over your job or life obligations. Yoga has been proven in many studies to reduce stress, which in turn keeps your body functioning in a healthy manner. Stress can cause headaches, stomach pains, sore muscles and more. Adding yoga a few times a week to your routine can greatly reduce the physical and mental issues that stress brings.

5. Save Money 

The cost of living is growing worldwide, there is no denying it. With that increase, we often must find ways to make our budget work for us by cutting out unnecessary wants. For some, this might mean no gym membership or one on one training sessions. Yoga doesn’t require any money upfront at all. You can do yoga in your living room, bedroom or office if you wish. Some companies organize group yoga during the lunch hour, which gives you an opportunity for social interaction, work participation as well as all the health benefits of exercise. Even if you choose to take a yoga class, they are often very affordable.

Written by Jen Brenner

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