Simon Says, Shop Better!


Demi Perera distinguishes between just buying stuff and shopping in style with her look at Simon shopping destinations in America.

No matter where you travel in the world, it is almost certain that there will be a place to shop. However, what if you like to do more than just buy stuff? When we travel we are naturally led by pleasure. This extends to all the decisions we make on our journeys – what we eat, drink or buy. We are also more inclined to ignore social norms and be guided by our authentic selves in our purchases. It’s fair to say that our true identity kicks in and we permit our own desires to guide our decisions simply because no one is watching!


Cue Simon shopping destinations – an all year round experience for those who demand more. Simon Malls cover 14 states in the USA and offer an unbeatable mix of high street retailers, premium outlets and impressive dining options. With malls stretching from Alaska to Nevada and Wisconsin to Puerto Rico travellers can indulge in extravagant outlet shopping with premium brands which include Cartier, Chanel, Burberry and Saks Fifth Avenue. If saving 25% – 65% on your favourite stylish brands wasn’t enough there are also the hottest retailers such as Apple, Zara and H&M to choose from.

Furthermore, with unparalleled services such as valet parking, personal shoppers, multi lingual services and international shipping the Simon Shopping experience begins to feel rather luxurious. Be sure to include a trip to one or more of Simon Malls on your wonderful adventures in 2018! I know I will.

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