Christmas Leftovers Guide

Veggie Christmas Burger

This Christmas Leftovers Guide will help you keep the hunger pangs at bay and the festive feelings flowing while kicking the dinnertime doldrums down the line well into 2018.

Do you still have leftovers from your festive season feasts that are too good to throw out but starting to taste samey and bland. No worries! Inventive post-Christmas kitchen help is here!

On the Dot’s Christmas Leftovers Guide offers some fun and tasty ways to spruce up your last bits of Christmastime treats and stretch them out for at least a few more scrumptious bites before the New Year.

Bacon Mac 'N Cheese Potato Cupcakes

Veggie Christmas Burger … Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese Potato Cupcakes … Yorkshire Pudding Calzones … Festive Nachos … Christmas Kebabs! The guide’s recipes are easy, inventive and resourceful, using as the main ingredients the most likely leftovers from your Christmas dinner as well as the sorts of staples you probably keep in your cupboard or fridge all the time anyway. So you can spend more time with your family, in your jammies relaxing, and not worrying about wasting food or working any harder than you have to.

Have a hearty and happy New Year!

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