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Made from juicy California tomatoes, premium New England clam broth and a secret blend of spices, Clamato is a delicious and savoury tomato juice packed with protein, vitamin C and a bit of spicy kick.

Super popular throughout the States, it’s an ideal mixer for a bloody Mary. But it’s not only a big deal in America. North and south of the US border, Clamato features prominently in locally loved drinks. Canada’s national cocktail, the Bloody Caesar, requires Clamato to be mixed correctly. Same goes for a proper michelada made in Mexico.

Good for international relations and for a tasty drink – I reckon Clamato is also a handy resource for upping the yum in all sorts of dishes. And that’s why I’ve teamed up with the makers of this famously clam-flavoured tomato juice for Clamato Kitchen, a series of recipes (and maybe more) about cooking with Clamato.

Keep an eye out for recipes coming soon. Until then, take a look at for more information and recipes.

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