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Alexandra Kalinowski is usually found with one hand on the keyboard being a digital booze guru while the other holds some sort of food slathered in Nutella. When food isn't on the brain, she's contemplating her next trip. Originally from Chicago, she's found her home in London's cafes where she's currently exploring a new one each day for one year. Find her in one, or on social at @akboogie.

The Great Architectural Bake Off

If I had to pinpoint two things I’ve got from my dad, it’s how to stuff massive amounts of sugar in my gob, and a love of architecture mixed with urban planning. So when I caught wind of The Great Architectural Bake Off, I nearly galloped to Fitzroy Square. Continue reading

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Our/Summer at Our/London Vodka Distillery

Definitely get yourself to Hackney Downs soon to soak up the Our/Summer series each Saturday until 19th August from 12-6pm. Continue reading

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Michael Thompson’s Fodder at Borough Wines & Beer

If you’re like me and find yourself channelling your inner child in a candy store upon entering a wine shop, Borough Wines & Beers won’t disappoint. After shaking off the rain droplets and calming my breath post my mad dash into their Islington shop, I warmed in the rather intimate store. Perusing the shelves lined with British red and whites, I indulged my current natural wine obsession whose flavour ever evolves once the cork has been unscrewed. I’d describe it as a luxurious walk-in closet, which simply adds to the charm and intrigue of what lies below … Continue reading

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New Cocktail Menu at The Cocktail Trading Co

Full disclosure, I’ve got a soft spot for The Cocktail Trading Co. You see, my day job is pretty glamorous. I’m often out and about drinking with bartenders as I interview them for a gin bar blog series. It’s safe to assume I’ve jotted down plenty of stories and have a feel for how each bar operates. But there are two in bars in particular that have stood out. CTC is one of them. Continue reading

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