16 of the Best Bars in Bali (OneTravel)

Best Bars in Bali

Welcome to paradise!

Here have a drink and enjoy perusing this list of the best bars on the beautiful island of Bali. Cheers!

Read my complete post at OneTravel.

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Limited Edition Mast Brothers Chocolate Beer Float at Shake Shack Covent Garden

Shake Shack/Mast Brothers Chocolate Beer Float - DSC_9541

This week only Shake Shack and Mast Brothers are teaming up to present a limited edition Chocolate Beer Float. Available at the Covent Garden Shake Shack location through Sunday 23 August, the float costs £5 and combines the Shack’s vanilla frozen custard with Mast Brother’s non-alcoholic chocolate beer served together in a Govino wine glass.

I had a taste of this craft New Yorker combo at the launch last night (along with a burger … and some cheese fries … and a certainly alcoholic pint of ShackMeister Ale). Quite the treat for a Monday night!

The float was the highlight of my meal. Rich, creamy, not overly sweet – Mast’s chocolate beer is brewed with freshly roasted cacao, cane sugar and water before being carbonated with nitrogen. With a scoop of custard slowly melting into the brew, the float’s flavour altered ever so slightly with each sip.

Trying the beer was also a delicious reminder that I’ve to pay a visit to the new Mast Brothers shop in Shoreditch … and that I really really should. For more about Mast Brothers go to mastbrothers.co.uk.

Shake Shack is located at 24 Market Building, The Piazza, Covent Garden, WC2E 8RD. Find out more at shakeshack.co.uk.

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London Daily Photo: Epping

LDP 2015.08.18 - Epping

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Swindon Hotels Provide Great Comfort

Swindon Hotels

No matter where you may be traveling to or for whatever reason you may be traveling one of the most important aspects of your trip is going to be the quality of the hotel that you are staying. Just because a hotel charges you a lot of money does not mean you will get a quality stay with comfort and amenities you are pleased with. Likewise a hotel that saves you money, while great for your budget, can often be disappointing to you once you arrive and realize the quality is just not there.

Finding a place that strikes just the right balance of quality, comfort and affordability can be tricky when you are traveling to places like Swindon but if you look at the City Centre Hotels in Swindon and see what is available you can find the ideal space.

Qualities You Should Look For

There are a number of qualities you want to be looking for when you look at hotels available in Swindon. Finding a place in the City Centre can be perfect for your needs since you will be close to many of the top attractions, dining spots, entertainment, shopping areas and more. You will also have easy access to public transportation so you can get around the city without having to worry about driving and parking. You want to look at the hotels and check the different amenities that they offer to see if they have the qualities that are most important to you when you are looking for a comfortable place to stay. Once you have looked over everything you will find that of the Swindon hotels available the Holiday Inn Express Swindon City Centre has everything you are looking for.

All You Could Hope For

A room at this hotel is going to provide you with all you could hope for in a quality hotel in the City Centre area without breaking your budget. The hotel has six floors of rooms so they are several sizes available to accommodate whatever your party needs may be. The hotel itself is located in the heart of the City Centre so you have great access to everything whether you are in town for business or for leisure. You will also find amenities like Wi-Fi Internet access, HD LCD televisions, en-suite bathrooms with power showers, comfortable bedding, in room coffee and tea facilities, workspace with proper lighting and other comforts. You can also use the restaurant and lounge on-site for your meals or as a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

You get all of the amenities you could hope for in the location in Swindon that you want at one of the best prices of any of the hotels in the City Centre area when you stay at the Holiday Inn Express Swindon City Centre. Instead of spending hours looking over all of the hotel listings you find, go straight to the website of this Holiday Inn Express and find exactly what you are looking for in quality, price and comfort.

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London Daily Photo: Wobble View

LDP 2015.08.17 - Wobble View

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Tapas Revolution, Shoreditch


Opened back in the spring, Chef Omar Allibhoy’s Tapas Revolution in Shoreditch seems to have settled in nicely to its Bethnal Green Road digs. I had a lovely time recently, sampling a range of tapas over a couple of drinks at the restaurants gorgeous centrepiece copper-topped bar.

Service was stellar on the Thusdaynight . Our bartender was cool and correct with his suggestions; I loved my bottle of Er Boqueron (an unfiltered golden ale made with sea water, £5.50). The manager working the floor was super friendly and helpful too.


Food was great. Not on the menu, my favourite dish was probably the daily special: hamburguesas de morcilla (a pair of blood sausages sliders served with piquillo peppers on soft brioche buns). If Omar and team wanted to add that savoury number to the fulltime roster, I wouldn’t stop ‘em. From the menu, everything I tasted would be worth having again, especially the ham croquetas (£5.50) and the dense and homey tortilla de patata (£5.25).

Portion sizes were ample. Prices were decent. Saving room for some flan with vanilla cream was wise.


What’s missing? Little really, except for the age-old atmo of a tried and true tapas bar in, say, Madrid … or Barcelona … or Sevilla … or San Sebastian … or … you get the picture. But hey, ya gotta start a revolution somewhere, and Shoreditch is a fine enough place to do so. The flavours were as Spanish as you’ll come by in Shoreditch, and the restaurant is a welcome step up from Allibhoy’s conveniently placed tapas kiosk a Westfield (there’s a location in Bluewater too with more outlets on the way I believe).

Tapas Revolutions is located at 58 Bethnal Green Road, E1 8JW.

A smart time for you to visit might be during the restaurant’s Summer Fiesta – Friday 28 and Sunday 29 August from 6pm to 9pm – when guests can enjoy free paella and sangria on the terrace or book a table inside for 30% off the dinner menu. Entertainment will be provided by traditional Spanish flamenco dancers and DJs as well as owner Omar Allibhoy, who will be cooking a giant paella al fresco on the terrace and sharing top tips for Spanish food at home.

Find out more tapasrevolution.com.

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London Daily Photo: Gold

LDP 2015.08.16 - Gold

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Running From Greenbaum: Andy Hollingworth Portraits at Snap Galleries

Rowan Atkinson - Andy Hollingworth - Snap Galleries

Two decades worth of photographer Andy Hollingworth’s portraits of comedians are on view now at Snap Galleries just off the Piccadilly. The show, Running from Greenbaum runs until mid September. Pop our head in for a looksee that’s sure to make you smile and remember great laughs.

Rowan Atkinson, the cast of The Office, Rik Mayall, Terry Jones: Andy Hollingworth has photographed them all, and many more. Some of his best shots are featured in the Snap Galleries exhibition with prints in a range of sizes for sale. Ask about the special print set for £50. And while you’re enquiring, request some details about the upcoming gallery tour with Andy on Saturday 5 September.

Running From Greenbaum is on now and runs until 19 September, at Snap Galleries, 12 Piccadilly Arcade, SW1Y 6NH. Find out more at snapgalleries.com.

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London Daily Photo: Clutch

LDP 2015.08.15 - Clutch

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Recipe: Ricotta Buttermilk Ice Cream

Recipe: Ricotta Buttermilk Ice Cream - DSC07591

Ready for dessert? Here’s another ‘assembled’ recipe from my Food Assembly shopping trip that takes everyday homemade vanilla ice cream to a new level by simply focusing on a couple of quality ingredients that add volumes of flavour and texture.

This recipe for ricotta buttermilk ice cream is easy to make, requires minimal ingredients, and yields some much more flavour and creamy texture than typical ice creams tend to have. The ricotta and the buttermilk came from Bermondsey’s Kappacasein dairy through my local Food Assembly. I the ricotta is definitely good enough to eat on its own, and I reckon would be great in any number of dishes. Maybe next time I’ll make some cassata.



    • 1 vanilla pod;
    • 250g fresh ricotta;
    • 260ml buttermilk;
    • 85g caster sugar;
    • 284ml double cream


    • Split vanilla pod and scrape out seeds;
    • Put the buttermilk into a saucepan and add the vanilla pod and seeds;
    • Bring the mixture almost to a boil, then remove from the heat, cover and leave to cool for 20 to 30 minutes;
    • In a large bowl, using a hand mixer, beat the ricotta and the cream until evenly mixed together;
    • Add sugar and continue beating until it’s all thoroughly mixed;
    • Stir in the buttermilk;
    • Remove the vanilla pod and pour the mix into a freezer safe container;
    • Put the lid on and freeze for at least an hour;
    • Remove from the freezer and mix with an ice cream maker;
    • Place back in the freezer until thoroughly frozen.

Recipe: Ricotta Buttermilk Ice Cream - DSC07610


I won’t think I should have to give much instruction on how to eat this yummy treat! But a good rule of thumb for serving any ice cream is to take it out of the freezer about ten minutes before you plan to scoop it.

Find out more about Food Assembly and producers at thefoodassembly.com and keep an eye out for future My Food Assembled! posts and more tikichris recipes.

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London Daily Photo: ideals

LDP 2015.08.14 - ideals

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Win a Bottle of Whitley Neill Small Batch London Dry Gin

Win a Bottle of Whitley Neill Gin


Whitley Neill is a small batch London dry gin. Inspired by Africa, it is comprised of nine different botanicals including the South African baobab and cape gooseberry. Fancy a taste … for free? I’ve got one bottle of this distinctive and award-winning premium spirit to give away.

Whitley Neill may be inspired by Africa, but it’s made in England in small batches by Johnny Neill, a direct descendant of 18th century gin maker Thomas Greenall and the last in a long line of distillers.

Compared to a lot of gins (and to be sure there are a lot of gins out there these days), Whitley Neill is less juniper-y and more zestful. I live it and reckon it’s an ideal component for an especially refreshing G&T though it stands up well enough on its own with such an intriguing flavour profile.

To be in with a chance to win, simply tweet the following:

RT to win a free bottle of @WhitleyNeill #smallbatch #gin compliments of @tikichris: http://ow.ly/QTE3Z #SummerOfGin

Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions before tweeting!


I’ll pick one winner at random on Friday 21 August at 11.30am BST. The winner will receive one bottle of Whitley Neill gin. To be eligible to win, you need to have an address in the UK where the prize can be delivered. Obviously you also need to be of legal drinking age to receive this alcoholic product and must be able to show ID that proves your age.

Good luck and please drink responsibly.

For more about Whitley Neill go to whitleyneill.com.


Check out more tikichris competitions.

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London Daily Photo: Hedged Home

LDP 2015.08.13 - Hedged Home

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Recipe: Mustard Greens

Recipe: Mustard Greens - DSC07617

Maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough or in the right places, but my experience in London has been that mustard leaves (on their own, not as part of a mixed leaf salad) aren’t that easy to come by. So I was really pleased to be able to snag a couple of bags of them via my Food Assembly shopping trip and then cook ‘em up like I used to have them when I was a kid back in the States.

The leaves were grown biodynamically and “organic in conversion” at Brockmans Farm near Canterbury. They were tasty to be sure and ideal for the recipe I was craving to create. However, pretty much any sort of bitter greens – collard greens (good luck finding them here), turnip greens, cavolo nero, bok choi even – could be used as a more than suitable substitute.

For my batch of greens, I also used a few other key ingredients that I picked up from Food Assembly producers: gorgeously full flavoured raw cultured butter from Bermondsey’s Kappacasein, and streaky bacon and chicken (for chicken stock) from Marsh Produce in Kent. I was particularly impressed with Marsh’s chicken as even a thigh simply boiled had considerably more flavour to it than most supermarket chicken.

My mustard greens recipe is easy to follow. It’s designed for one person (as that’s how I had it and to show how this is a great dish for solo home dining), but scaling it for more than one serving shouldn’t cause any headaches.

When making this dish for yourself, it’s worth keeping in mind that the Food Assembly ingredients I used were especially yummy and – I reckon – made the greens that much better than they might have been otherwise.


Ingredients (single serving)

  • A generous pat of butter;
  • Salt to taste;
  • 1 finely diced garlic clove;
  • 100g mustard leaves with stems and course ribs removed;
  • 1 strip of streaky bacon (I prefer smoked) finely chopped;
  • Chicken stock to taste (I’d say about );
  • 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar;
  • 1 tablespoon of mustard seeds.


  • Place a pat of butter in a pot and set to medium heat;
  • Add the garlic and some salt;
  • Throw in the greens;
  • Cover with cold water and stock;
  • Add the bacon;
  • Turn up the heat and bring to a boil;
  • Give the greens a couple of stirs and taste if they require more salt before covering with lid and allowing to simmer;
  • The longer they can simmer the better, but they’ll be plenty tasty enough after 15 to 20 minutes;
  • Drain in a colander giving them a light press to squeeze out excess moisture.


Place in a bowl and eat while they’re hot. I like mine with a few dabs of Tabasco.

Find out more about Food Assembly and producers at thefoodassembly.com and keep an eye out for future My Food Assembled! posts and more tikichris recipes.

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2015 Main Stage Acts at the Reading and Leeds Festivals (OneTravel)

2015 Main Stage Acts at the Reading and Leeds Festivals

Two of Britain’s biggest annual music festivals – the Reading and Leeds Festivals – take place over the same weekend at the end of August and featuring alternating line ups. The two cities are about three and a half hours drive or train ride away from each other. So if you’re a fan of any particular artists performing at the festivals (and you can bag tix for both) you could possibly get to see them play live among thousands of other fans … maybe even within 24 hours of each concert.

This year’s roster for Reading and Leeds is going to be as epic as in years past with over 100 bands, solo artists, comedians, films and more jammed into an action packed schedule.

Ready for the mother of all weekends?

Read my complete post at OneTravel.

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London Daily Photo: Druid Street

LDP 2015.08.12 - Druid Street

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Wine and Spice at The Cinnamon Club

Wine and Spice at The Cinnamon Club - DSC07449

I had a great time at one of my favourite London restaurants during a special Exploration of Greece wine tasting last month.

Led by affable and knowledgeable Laurant Chaniac, wine consultant to The Cinnamon Club and Kitchen, the intimate event was held in the restaurant’s intimate library, where guests were invited to sample a range of greek wines paired with exceptional dishes such as pistachio and spice crusted saddle of lamb and tandoori cod with fenugreek seeds. I loved all the wines and pairings of the night, but without doubt my favourite was the one at the end served with dessert: an especially deep flavoured Assyetiko Vin Santo 2004 (of which only 1,000 bottles had been produced).

The Wine and Spice tastings are on hold for August as the Club “takes a pause in order to prepare for a new chapter” but bookings are already being taken for upcoming tastings in September and October including what promises to be a particularly amazing Burgundy Wines dinner with 12 year-old Bourgogne Domaine de la Galopiere and a 30 year-old Santenay Premier Cru already lined up to wow the lucky few who sign up to attend. Prices vary per tasting. The Exploration of Greece event was £60 per head.

The Cinnamon Club is located at The Old Westminster Library,
30-32 Great Smith Street, SW1P 3BU. Find out more at cinnamonclub.com.

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Good Stuff #44


Good stuff? Great stuff! And so much of it I’m having trouble keeping track and sharing the best of it in a timely manner. But don’t let my inadequate ability to blog efficiently get in the way you having a wonderful time. Have a look a this list of fine things to see, sip or savour – all of which I’ve recently come across and thought were worth sharing with you. Enjoy.

Crystal Head Vodka Skull Bottle Miniatures

Crystal Head Vodka has launched a 50ml miniature of their signature bottle. To celebrate, the brand has created a “Deconstructed Martini” drinking experience offering drinkers one Crystal Head Vodka miniature, a shot of dry vermouth and garnishes, shaken with “the purest” ice, and served in chilled Martini glass. In London, you can try a Deconstructed Martini at Lights of Soho, Galvin at Windows, and Hush. To purchase your own miniature skull bottle (at a recommended retail price of £7.95) visit Gerry’s Wine and Spirits in Soho or shop online at justminiatures.co.uk.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.50.03

Introduction to Japanese Cuisine: Nature, History and Culture

Recently published by Shuhari Initiative, the first volume in The Japanese Culinary Academy’s Complete Japanese Cuisine is a gorgeous coffee (or should I say tea) table book filled with beautiful photography, excellent insight into the history and tradition of Japanese cooking, a pretty handy glossary, and loads of inspiring recipes. Look for it in better bookshops at a recommended retail price of £50.


Little Moons

While I’m on the subject of delicious Japanese food, allow me to insert here a mention about the new Little Moons mocha ice cream desserts. The gelato balls coated in a thin layer of gummy mochi are some of the tastiest treats I’ve come across in quite some time. Little Moons come in six flavours, I love the toasted sesame and the matcha. Pick some up at Whole Foods (recommended retail price of £5.99 for a box of six) or order them from the dessert menu at Bone Daddies, a Shoryu Ramen, and other Japanese restaurants around town.  


Mirabeau Rosé

There are still a few days of summer left, right? Hopefully? If so, a nice way to spend them might be to pop open a bottle of rosé and make the make of the season as it winds down into autumn. I’ve done just this a few times this summer with Mirabeau, the “world-class Provencal rosé made by an Englishman.” I especially liked sipping Mirabeau Pure with hints of grapefruit and orange blossom.

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London Daily Photo: Streamered

LDP 2015.08.11 - Streamered Shutter

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Preview: International Street Food Challenge 2015 | Thursday 13 August | Shoreditch

International Street Food Challenge 2015

This Thursday (13 August) TravelSupermarket will host a free street food festival in Shoreditch. The International Street Food Challenge 2015 will give guests the chance to sample a variety of authentic and delicious dishes cooked by a variety of vendors from around the world and to vote on which they think serves up the tastiest dish.

Vendors for the event were selected after “showing the best in class street food from their country,” with a number of the vendors even travelling from far and wide to compete, including French chefs Copper and Wheat from Copenhagen who are flying in their own brand of potatoes and duck fat to ensure their dishes are 100% authentic. Other confirmed vendors are Kothu Kothu (Sri Lanka), La Tua Pasta (Italy), Orange Buffalo (USA) and Vinn Groute (Seychelles).

I’m looking forward to giving it all a browse (and a bite!) and seeing if I can glean some streetwise inspiration for my own home cooking. Stay tuned!

The International Street Food Challenge 2015 will be held at The Back Building, 148 – 150 Curtain Road, EC2A 3AR on Thursday 13 August from noon to late.

The event promises to be a popular one. So to make sure you don’t get turned away at the door take a sec to download your free ticket at travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/street-food.

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London Daily Photo: Tunnel

LDP 2015.08.10 - Tunnel

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The Fire Station Hots up Waterloo Once Again

The Fire Station, Waterloo - DSC07404

After a year long refurb, The Fire Station near Waterloo Station has reopened with a new look and menu. I tagged along to the relaunch last month and liked what I saw and what I tasted.

I’d been to The Fire Station a couple of times over the years, never to eat though. So I can’t comment on how the new menu of burgers and pizzas from a wood-fired oven compares to the food of its gastropub past. But I really liked the couple of slices of pizza I tried at the launch (pizzas range in price from £7.95 to £12.50). I thought my buttermilk fried chicken burger with spicy coleslaw (£8.50) was pretty swell too.

Bartenders were on active duty whipping out all sorts of refreshing looking cocktails, but I stuck with beer during my visit though. With Beavertown Gamma Ray (£4.50) and Modelo Especial (£4.75) gleaming from behind the bar, I was happy to do so.

Looks wise, the place seemed airier with way more light than I remembered it. That’s a good thing.

The Fire Station is located at 150 Waterloo Road, SE1 8SB. Find out more at thefirestationwaterloo.com.

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Ask for Janice

Ask for Janice - DSC_9018

“Asking for Janice” seems to mean take it easy, enjoy a few drinks alongside some dishes of crafty comfort food and set your concerns on pause for a while, or so my experience played out when I finally got round to paying a visit to this highly recommended little bar.

I really enjoyed my dinnertime visit to AFJ. A number of foodie folk whose opinions I respect had been upping the thumb about the place to me since it opened. They were right too.

This casual bar and restaurant is a welcome addition to the cluster of food and drink options around Smithfield Market. I loved sipping my Beast of Bourbon cocktail (Woodford Reserve, sweet vermouth, crème de mure, £9). The stout salt squid (£8) was pretty yummy too as was most everything else I nibbled. I wasn’t too sure about my grenadine-y seasonal pickles (£3) though.

Gin aficionados will go gaga for Janice’s vast selection. Fans of lowbrow and Pop Art (not to mention scaled back/pared down interiors) will enjoy the background while getting their drink on.

Ask for Janice is located at 50-52 Long Lane, EC1A 9EJ. Find out more at askforjanice.co.uk.

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Teide Observatory Gets New Telescopes, Ups “Astro-Tourism” Draw (OneTravel)

Teide Observatory

Tenerife has boosted its position as one of the best locations on the planet for stargazing, with the introduction of eight new telescopes at the island’s Teide Observatory. Introduced in June, the telescopes will appeal to amateur “astro-tourists,” trained scientists, and anyone keen to admire the marvels of the universe.

The arrival of the new, advanced solar telescopes marks the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC).

Read my complete post at OneTravel.

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London Daily Photo: 142142

LDP 2015.08.09 - 142142

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August Issue of UK Cigar Scene Out Now

Darren Cioffi

Issue Eight of the monthly UK Cigar Scene Magazine is now online and ready for download.

Each issue of UK Cigar Scene is free to download and includes a video interview with a key cigar personality along with news of events, gossip, and more stogie related info celebrating the specialists, their staff and the many personalities who enjoy a fine cigar here “in one of the world’s most energetic cigar scenes.”

The magazine is the creation of proprietor and editor (and my long time acquaintance), Nic Wing. This summertime issue features an interview with World Cigar Smoking Champion, Darren Cioffi of Principle Cigars. As with previous issues, I was pleased to do the still photography for the interview.

Have a look at ukcigarscene.com.

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London Daily Photo: Untitled

LDP 2015.08.08 - Untitled

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You Might be a Coffee Snob If … (espressoCrazy)


Do you consider yourself to be a coffee snob? Do you judge others on how much they know (or don’t) about your favourite caffeinated drink? Have you ever done anything out of the ordinary to achieve a dream coffee situation? Do you even have a ‘dream coffee situation’ in mind?

Here are 16 potential clues you might be a coffee snob …

Read my complete post at espressoCrazy.

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London Daily Photo: Bricks

LDP 2015.08.07 - Bricks

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Whaam! Win Free Banh Mi for a Week | Get a Free Americano with Purchase of Sandwich

Win a Week's Worth of Banh Mi for Free. Whaam!


About two months ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Vietnamese style sandwich shop, Whaam Banh Mi, near Piccadilly Circus. Now, I’m teaming up with this friendly little Soho eatery to offer one reader a week’s worth of banh mi for free and the opportunity for everybody to get a free Americano with the purchase of any banh mi over the next week.

Win a week’s worth of banh mi for free

Okay, so maybe there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But here’s the chance for somebody to nab six yummy meals for the price of a tweet.

To be in with a chance to win a week’s worth of banh mi for free (that’s one sandwich a day for six days), simply tweet the following:

RT to win a week’s worth of #free #BanhMi from @WhaamBanhMi
compliments of @tikichris: wp.me/p2Fl8q-6iy #tikibanhmi #soho #lunch

Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions before tweeting and to check out this special offer for a free coffee from Whaam.

Get a free Americano when you buy a banh mi and mention tikichris …

I’m only able to offer the week’s worth of free banh mi to one lucky duck. But, at tikichris, everyone’s a winner. So, to coincide with the run of this competition, Whaam is offering my readers a free Americano with any purchase of any banh mi on the menu … as long as you mention this blog. Yep, there’s a breakfast banh mi on the menu. The shop opens at 7.30am Monday to Friday and at 11.30am on Saturday (closed Sunday).

So, free coffee with the purchase of a sandwich from Friday 7 August to Friday 14 August (please note Whaam is closed on Sundays) … all ya gotta do is mention “tikichris” when you go.


For the “free banh mi for a week” competition, I’ll pick one winner at random on Friday 14 August at 11.30pm BST. The winner will be eligible to receive one free banh mi sandwich per day for six days. The offer will be eligible only for 30 days starting Monday 17 August. Good luck.

Whaam Banh Mi is located at 40 Great Windmill Street, W1D 7LY. Find out more at whaambanhmi.com.


Check out more tikichris competitions.

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Get Ready to Crave the New Druid Street Market


Okay folks, I’ve got a couple of phrases I’d like you to repeat after me. The first one is “kimchi and Stilton grilled cheese sandwich” as this is the future of what you shall crave. The other is “Druid Street Market,” which is an important phrase to remember because that’s were you’re gonna head on Saturday to take a bite out of this ultra-umami toastie.

The kimichi and Stilton sandwich can be found at the F.A.T market stall at the new Saturday-only Druid Street Market. Made by pickle and sauce enthusiast Freddie Janssen with her own homemade kimchi, aged Stilton blue cheese and bread from St John’s Bakery, it’s a winning combo served hot at £4 for a small and £7 for a large.

Yes, that’s right there’s another foodie street market that’s just launched in London. And yes, it is just round the corner and down the street from the heaving and popular Maltby Market. However, the Druid Street doing are distinctive enough to be their own thing … and delicious enough for me to wanna shout about.


Anchored by a few brick and mortar businesses operating out of the street’s railway arches (chiefly magnificent muffin makers Peyton & Byrne bakery), the market is the brainchild of Toast Magazine Editor, Miranda York, who sees the market as an opportunity to curate a tasty selection of “fresh produce, innovative new products and street food.”

Based on my time tagging along on a tour she led last Saturday, I’d say Miranda’s off to an excellent start. I very much enjoyed munching my way through the market and was pleased to have her confirm to me that she aims to keep the ready-to-eat component of the market capped at 40%. So, folks can actually shop for products to take home and prepare themselves. Miranda and crew are also hoping the market can sustain trade on Sundays too and that events such as guest chef appearances, book releases and more will find their way into the Druid Street calendar.


In addition to the kick ass kimchi sarnie, I liked everything I tried during the tour, and loved much of it. Highlights included cold brew coffee from Black Box, Scampi Shop’s fresh made scampi with ample dollop of some pretty awesome tartar sauce, savoury hams cured in East London by Blackhand Charcuterie, and downhome Louisiana style fixings from Decatur London (iced tea, gumbo, oysters, gumbo – yes sir please and thank you kindly).


One more vendor who rocked my palate something mighty was Grant Harrington (ex Faviken and Gordon Ramsay) whose “&” brand batch cultured English butter put butter on a whole other level of yum.

Is that it? Hardly. But you ought to head over there to have a taste for yourself.

F.A.T. is online at fffaaattt.com.
Peyton & Byrne is at peytonandbyrne.co.uk.
The Black Box Coffee website is blackboxcoffee.co.uk.
Scampi Shop tweets at twitter.com/scampishop.
Blackhand Charcuterie is online at blackhandfood.com.
Decatur London tweets at twitter.com/decaturlondon.
Find out more about & at instagram.com/butterculture.

Druid Street Market (Druid Street between Sweeney Crescent and Abbey Street, SE1 2HH) is open on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm. Find out more at druid.st.

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London Daily Photo: No Entry

LDP 2015.08.06 - No Entry

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2015 Edinburgh Fringe: Must See Shows (OneTravel)


For fans of live performance, August in Edinburgh means one thing: Fringe! The largest arts festival in the world, the three-week Scottish shindig brings the opportunity to be entertained by a heaving variety of world class, up-and-coming, and often rather ‘out there’ shows with a long standing emphasis on comedy, improv and (as the festival’s name implies) the very best in fringe theatre.

This year’s Fringe runs from the 7th to the 31st of August and features a calendar of more than 3,000 events. How about a quick look at some of the upcoming 2015 highlights?

Read my complete post at OneTravel.

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Häagen-Dazs Master Ice Cream Academy: Free Ice Cream Fun at Bloomsbury Square Today!

Häagen-Dazs Master Ice Cream Academy - DSC_9386

What’s better than ice cream? Free ice cream, served by one of London’s top chefs and accompanied by a few fun sensory exercises to kick your taste buds into high gear.

Yes, the Häagen-Dazs Master Ice Cream Academy kicked off its quick stint at Bloomsbury Square yesterday – and it’s still on and open to the public today, Wednesday 5 August from 11am to 6pm.

Hosted by “Masters of Real” Dan Doherty (Executive Chef at Duck & Waffle), Professor Barry Smith (founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses), and Rose Thomas (TheLondoner.me), the ice cream academy brings a chance to challenge your perceptions about food and flavour, learn how to make super delicious treats for yourself, and eat ice cream. Yeah!

I dropped by Bloomsbury Square yesterday and had a great time. Already a fan of Dan’s doings at Duck & Waffle, I loved getting to sample his peach melba Champagne float. The event was my second encounter with Professor Smith and I was just as amazed and inspired as I was the first time. Rose’s blog, The Londoner, had been completely off my radar until the event. But to have teamed up with Dan, I reckon her site’s worth taking a look-see at. Maybe I’ll do that now while you make plans to get over to Bloomsbury Square, WC1A 2NS today between 11am and 6pm.

Find out more about the Häagen-Dazs Master Ice Cream Academy:

And for more about Häagen-Dazs’ firm stance on having #realornothing:


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