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Recipe: Half Dipped Madeleines

When the friendly folks at Bonne Maman UK got in touch with me to see if I’d be up for creating with a recipe using their madeleine as the main ingredient, I was keen to give it a shot. But, I wondered what to do with something that’s already a perfectly complete treat in and of itself. So, I took the easy way out and did very little … and was pleased with the tasty results. I hope you’ll like my ideas for super simple Half Dipped Madeleines. Continue reading

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Great British Chefs’ Cook School with Graham Hornigold of Hakkasan

Check out this delicious team up: Great British Chefs + Cookery School! The occasion? The first in a new series of cookery masterclasses hosted by GBC at the school which sees chefs sharing hands-on tuition to small groups of writerly gourmands and other enthusiastic foodie folk. I wedged my way in for the inaugural event, where Graham Hornigold, Executive Pastry Chef of the Hakkasan Group with Daniel Pearse, Head Pastry Chef of Hakkasan London, and Juan Pablo Colubri, Pastry Sous Chef at Hakkasan Group created four desserts while sharing recipes and a wealth of kitchen tips with the small group assembled. Continue reading

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Miss Camel Beauty Contest (Vice)

The desert may be one of the last places on earth you’d expect to find a beauty pageant. But on Christmas Day, while you were busy testing the limits of your digestive system, VICE’s Charlet Duboc was negotiating sand dunes … Continue reading

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A Visit to Jude’s Ice Cream Dairy (Great British Chefs)

Yes, there is a Jude (Judith actually) behind the scenes of this Hampshire-based premium ice cream maker. But the story of her eponymous treats is really about her husband, Theo. Finding himself suddenly and unexpectedly on the other side of a career in banking, Theo had time on his hands along with a bit of capital and a garage in which to tinker. He also had the acumen to realise a huge gap in the British ice cream market and the pluck to go about filling it. Continue reading

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Tapas Recipe: Apple Crumble Crema Catalana by Jose Pizarro

A few weeks back I had the pleasure sampling the results of chef Jose Pizarro and Codorníu cava teaming up to create a series of “Great British Tapas”. You can read about that experience in my write up for Blue Tomato. I really enjoyed … Continue reading

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In Search of London’s Best Tiramisu (CheapOair)

Lusciously layered Savoiardi biscuits dipped in coffee with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone cheese, and flavored with marsala wine and cocoa – a dessert dish of tiramisu often provides a great litmus test for determining the merits of an Italian restaurant. Too bad it’s served at the end of a meal! Here are but a few of London’s most moreish tiramisu offerings. Continue reading

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Like Breakfast for Pudding at Lennie’s Snack Bar in Shoreditch (Qype does London)

Like Breakfast for Pudding at Lennie’s Snack Bar in Shoreditch Qype does London, September 4th 2010 As the steamroller of gentrification and hipster insistence burns its way through Shoreditch, the presence of Lennie’s Snack Bar becomes ever more relevant and … Continue reading

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Yu-Foria Hits Beak Street (Londonist)

Yu-Foria Hits Beak Street Londonist, August 4, 2010 11:35 AM Same frozen yoghurt, different place. Yu-Foria‘s recently opened their second location at 38 Beak Street in Soho (W1F 9RG). Compared to the original Yu-Foria at Covent Garden (of which we … Continue reading

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