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Sponsored Post: Dublin, Top Choice … for Second Place?

Yes, the World’s Second Friendliest City (according to the video) is as fun loving and vibrant a destination as any you’ll ever visit and makes an excellent choice for as a city break destination. In fact, Dublin won runner up for Europe’s Leading City Break Award for 2015. And if you’re thinking of investing in property, guess which city recently came in the number two position as the best place to invest in real estate? You got it. Dublin! Continue reading

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Re: Joyce! It’s Bloomsday! (OneTravel)

Considered to be Joyce’s masterpiece and a seminal piece of 20th century literature, the modernist novel Ulysses is known for its dense and dialect rich text and tells the story of a day in the life of Leopold Bloom. Bloomsday … Continue reading

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Dublin: Beer, Wine and Joyce (OneTravel)

Here are some highlights from a far too short but nonetheless fantastic weekend bumbling around Dublin. It’s an ideal city for just such urban meanders. My only regret was having to catch a flight back to London for work Monday morning. I could definitely spend lots more time strolling along the River Liffey and well beyond in search of the perfect Guinness … Continue reading

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Sponsored Video: Fly Guinness Class

Why settle for an ordinary night at your local when you can experience all that Dublin has to offer, via your own Guinness Class Private Jet? More info: facebook.com/GuinnessGB

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Some Dublin Notes (Qype Community)

Some Dublin Notes Qype Community, September 13th 2010 I spent a fantastic weekend bumbling around Dublin. Only regret was I had to catch a very early Sunday morning flight to get back to London for work. I could definitely spend lots … Continue reading

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Good Hotels in Dublin?

I’m just back from a few days at the Bushmills Inn and Distillery in Northern Ireland. I had a wonderful time (and don’t worry – there’ll be much more blogging about that trip to come). It was my second time … Continue reading

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