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Can You Say That in Faroese Please?

Can you say please in Faroese? With fewer than 80,000 people speaking Faroese worldwide, and a growing tourism market, folks from the Faroe Islands realise that not having their language included on Google Translate can be frustrating for visitors keen … Continue reading

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Faroes and Away: The Ultimate Burger?

To be honest I didn’t intend to write about it – and in all sincerity (and a bit of naiveté?) I really didn’t think the topic actually would come up – but I was wrong. The issue of the long standing Faroese tradition of hunting pilot whales was something a number of Faroe Islanders wanted to discuss with me. Now back home and thinking about my time there, any account of my trip without mention of this part of Faroes Islands life would be remiss. Continue reading

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