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Faroes and Away: Koks Restaurant and Its New Nordic Kitchen

One especially delicious ‘just go’ reason to visit the Faroe Islands is the opportunity to dine at Koks restaurant. Located at Hotel Foroyar with sweeping views over the town of Torshavn and across the bay to the island of Nolsoy, the restaurant features haute cuisine dishes “designed to delight guests with the essence of Faroese culinary heritage” using ingredients almost exclusively sourced locally. For English speakers, the restaurant’s name might sound a bit unappetising, but don’t let that put you off … or expect anything salacious. It simply means “cooks” and is apt enough given the magic done there. Continue reading

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Wine of the Month: Blue Nun Rivaner Riesling

No really. It’s good. A very chilled bottle of this fruity German quencher is as easy on the palate as it is on the wallet. As an expat American, a sip of this the long established, and once wildly popular, … Continue reading

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