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Win an Assortment of Handcrafted Baked Goods from Genesis Crafty

As Genesis Crafty’s Blogger of the Month, I’ve been having a blast sharing my ideas for recipes to pair with the handcrafted baked goods made by this family run Northern Ireland bakery. Now here’s a chance for you to have a go at whipping up your own tasty creations to enjoy with yummy Genesis Crafty scones, pancakes and more! Keep reading to find out how to win a generous assortment of treats from Genesis Crafty. Continue reading

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Recipe: Red Grape and Sage Mascarpone

Inspiration comes when you least expect it sometimes. As I mentioned in my last recipe post for this Genesis Crafty series, I was recently in Athens, Greece. While going through the toiletries in my hotel room bath, I was particularly impressed by the moisturiser and its main ingredients of red grape and sage. It smelled great and to me the unusual mix of grapes and sage seemed like something to eat more than lather on your body. So, when I got home I started playing around with the combo and came up with this creamy spread that’s ideal when served alongside Genesis Crafty scones. Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery

I recently had an old friend from high school visiting London from the States and found the afternoon tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery to provide an ideal opportunity for a catch up with sightseeing. Continue reading

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