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Ian Francis | The Chosen Form of Your Destroyer | Lazarides Rathbone

With each piece appearing to vibrate off the canvas with moody apprehension, Bristol-based artist Ian Francis’ exhibition of new mixed media works at Lazarides Rathbone (his third at the gallery) suggests that nightmares can be beautiful too. Continue reading

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Mark Jenkins | Moment of Impact | Lazarides Rathbone

Moment of Impact at Lazarides Rathbone is (to the best of my knowledge) the first solo show in London by DC-based artist Mark Jenkins in a quite a few years. Although his trademark life-sized sculptures and three-dimensional canvases actually lose a bit of their impact in a gallery setting as opposed to on the street for the unsuspecting public to encounter, the show is nonetheless a winner and well worth checking out. Continue reading

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In Conversation with Dan Witz (Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art)

I’ve always enjoyed working in London. Next to NYC, it’s my favorite city for doing street art The light in both places is similar, a soft, post-industrial gloom that seems to suit the emotional temperature of my work. Also, when you get up close in London there’s a grit in the pores that’s exactly the same as New York’s. Since usually I’m using a NYC grate, my pieces transfer well, and feel like they belong. Continue reading

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Dan Witz: Prisoners 2012 – 2013 at Lazarides Gallery in London (OneTravel)

New York based street artist, Dan Witz, has an amazing show on at the moment at Central London’s Lazarides Rathbone gallery. I’ve been following Dan’s work for awhile and was stoked to see he was coming back to the UK for a solo show after a London hiatus of a few years. Continue reading

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Dan Witz: Prisoners 2012 – 2013 at Lazarides Rathbone

The attention to detail, the intense concentration that goes into his paintings, his incredible command of light: Dan Witz produces amazingly photorealistic artwork with an urban edge, a sinister sense of humour and an Old Master’s application of considerable skill and technique. Continue reading

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