Dining Out: LDN Versus NYC (Qype does London)

Dining Out: LDN Versus NYC
Qype does London, April 10th 2011

Tipped Chilli Cook-Off

I’m just back from a week of romping round New York. And as so many New Yorkers do, I went out to eat a lot while there. As delicious as taking bite after bite out of the Big Apple was, it’s great to be back in London. With respect to variety of cuisines, price range and quality of food, the dining scenes of these two world class cities are very much on par with each other … Still, there are a few areas of improvement where London could really learn a thing or two from New York (and there may even be some instances where NYC could do well adopting practices from their English counterparts).

Dining Out: LDN Versus NYC

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