Win a Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

Win a Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

I hate to admit it, but I sometimes snore. And when I do, it’s the bane of my partner’s existence. So when an offer landed in my email inbox to review the new Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring, I figured it certainly couldn’t hurt. Just a little metal ring that “focuses on two acu-pressure points” on the pinkie finger – the thing actually works! Since then (it’s going on two months now) there’s been no report of me snoring at all … which means I’m not keeping my partner up at night and we’re both now able to sleep more soundly. Too good to be true? That’s what I thought. But I’ve got three extra rings to give away to a few lucky readers to see for themselves. Nighty night!

The independently trialled Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring has been clinically proven to work for 85% of people who’ve tried it. It’s super easy to use and offers a “natural, non-invasive and elegant way to stop snoring” simply by putting a bit of mild (and unnoticeable) pressure on your pinkie to clear your nasal breathing passages and “your natural bio-rhythms.” The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring comes in three sizes, is fully adjustable and costs only £29.99. Available from Boots, your local pharmacy or online.

To be in with a chance to win a free Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring, simply tweet the following:

RT to win a #GoodNight Anti-Snoring Ring, compliments of @tikichris: @AntiSnoringRing #StopSnoring

Good luck. Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions before tweeting!


I’ll pick three winners at random on Friday 17 July at 11.30pm BST. Each winner will receive one Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring. To be eligible to win, you need to have an address in the UK where the prize can be posted.

For more about the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring, go to

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London Daily Photo: Tropical Readymade | Radames “Juni” Figueroa | Edel Assanti

LDP 2015.07.06 - Tropical Readymade | Radames “Juni” Figueroa | Edel Assanti
Tropical Readymade | Radames “Juni” Figueroa | Edel Assanti

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Find the Best Hotel in the Wembley Area

Wembley Holiday Inn

If you are planning any type of trip into Central London you are going to want to look at staying in the Wembley area for your trip. When you stay in Wembley you will be close to all of the action going on in Central London so you can easily reach all of the best places that you may want to go. While this area can be perfect for the tourists, it is also an ideal spot for the business person that is coming to the city and wants easy access to many of the top businesses located in the region. You will find that there are many hotels in Wembley London to choose from so you want to be sure you get the place that can supply you with everything you need in a hotel.

Staying in Wembley

When you stay in Wembley you can place yourself right near many of the top tourist attractions in London. Great places to visit like Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Windsor Castle, Legoland, Westfield Shopping Centre and many more historical and cultural sites can provide you with all kinds of fun for the day. You will also have easy access to some of the best shopping and dining anywhere in the city in Central London. Of course you will also have easy access to Wembley Stadium and Arena so that you can see some of the top sporting events and concerts. You do want to be sure that whatever hotel you select to stay at places you close to a rail station so you can have easy access to public transportation, the easiest and fastest way to get around the city. When you are looking for hotels near Wembley Stadium you will certainly want to consider the Holiday Inn London Wembley among the ideal places to stay.

What the Hotel Provides

When you stay at this particular Holiday Inn you not only will be placing yourself in one of the best spots in Central London so that you have easy access to everything but you will also be staying at one of the top hotels in the city. There are many different types of rooms to choose from so that you can get the accommodations you need for your party or yourself and be able to stay in comfort. All rooms feature amenities like blackout curtains, flat screen televisions, Wi-Fi access, coffee and tea making facilities and much more. You also get access to a fabulous restaurant and bar on site for all of your meals. When you are looking for rooms in Wembley for your trip consider the rooms available at the Holiday Inn London Wembley. You will find that you can get first-rate accommodations with a very attentive and friendly staff to help you meet all of your needs. Whether you are looking for a room for business or for your leisure trip when you stay at this location in Central London you will be assured of having a fabulous stay at a great price.

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London Daily Photo: King Land

LDP 2015.07.05 - King Land

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Good Stuff #43


Good stuff and lots of it! Here’s the low down on some fine things to see, sip or savour – all of which I’ve recently come across and thought were worth sharing with you. Enjoy.

Bacon Blues at Ed’s Easy Diner

Ed’s Easy Diner has teamed with specialty cheese brand, Castello, for its Burger of the Month this July. Available from 6 July to 2 August, the Bacon Blues features a thick slice of Castello’s newly launched Burger Blue melted onto a beef patty stacked high with crispy bacon, tomato, onion rings, dill pickle and a dollop of house sauce on a sesame seed bun. The burger costs just under eight quid and is super tasty. If you can’t make it to Ed’s over the next few weeks, look for Castello’s Burger Blue five-slice packs at ASDA and Sainsbury’s (RRP £2).

Ace Gentle Classic

Doh! Got a stain on your shirt from chowing down on that juicy bacon cheeseburger? Never fear. Ace Gentle Classic should do the job of making your duds looking spiffy again. Formulated to remove “the toughest of stains and yet be gentle on even the most delicate clothes,” it’s a handy product to have in your laundry room. Find it and and other Ace products at Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Poundland and some Asda stores. A litre bottle of Ace Gentle Classic retails at £1.99. There’s a 700ml bottle available at Poundland too.


Gaggerston comedy night upstairs at The Haggerston pub in Dalston is a hoot! It’s free to attend as well which allows you to spend your hard earned quid on the awesome pizza being baked downstairs to be washed down with a selection from the fine assortment of craft beer served at the bar. The laughs are on every first Thursday of the month. But FYI: there’s not going to be one in August with London becoming be depleted of virtually all top comedic talent as up-and-coming standups head to Edinburgh for Fringe. So the next chance for Gaggerston LOLs is 3 September.

Roving Café

One of my favourite London chefs, Hayley Edwards, was kind enough to invite me to stop by her sweetly kitted out Piaggio Ape 500 on Bethnal Green Road (next to Vallance Road) to have a taste of what she’s been cooking up. For an inventive and delicious meal, butty, homemade cake or a quick cup of coffee or tea, this mobile kitchen is hard to beat and definitely worth keeping in mind next time you find yourself roving round Bethnal Green. Hayley is available for private catering, event and TV/film shoots too.


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July Issue of UK Cigar Scene Out Now

The July Issue of UK Cigar Scene is Here

The seventh issue of the monthly UK Cigar Scene Magazine is now online and ready for download.

Each issue of UK Cigar Scene is free to download and includes a video interview with a key cigar personality along with news of events, gossip, and more stogie related info celebrating the specialists, their staff and the many personalities who enjoy a fine cigar here “in one of the world’s most energetic cigar scenes.”

The magazine is the creation of proprietor and editor (and my long time acquaintance), Nic Wing. This summertime issue featuring an interview with Eddie Sahakian of Davidoff London. As with previous issues, I was pleased to do the still photography for the interview.

Have a look at

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London Daily Photo: Dalston

LDP 2015.07.04 - Dalston

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Movie Review: The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

Human Centipede 3

Prison warden Billy Boss (Dieter Laser) is a misogynist and racist “German-American” with Nazi tendencies, a penchant for guzzling bottles of whiskey dry, and a mean streak that’s a mile long. He’s also a man in a bit of a pickle as the prison he runs has the greatest number of riots, highest staff turnover and the most expensive medical costs of any of the thousands of prisons across the United States.

Making matters worse it’s an election year, and Billy’s prison problems don’t look so good in the eyes of voters. The Governor (Eric Roberts) has given the warden two weeks to improve the situation or Billy and his mild mannered accountant Dwight (Laurence R Harvey) are going to be out of a job! But Dwight – a fan of The Human Centipede films – has a simple and “medically accurate” idea inspired by the to keep costs down and subsequently subdue the prison population too.

Human Centipede 3

Bringing together Dieter Laser, who repulsed millions as the evil doctor in the original “first sequence” of The Human Centipede franchise and Laurence R Harvey, the demented villain of The Human Centipede (Full Sequence), Monster Pictures has announced the release date for the third and final film in this infamous horror trilogy. Adding to its B movie cred, the flick also features porn star Bree Olsen as Daisy the secretary, a handful of “oh yeah, that guy” actors and even a cameo (or two) by the filmmaker himself, Tom Six.

I caught a mid afternoon press screening of Final Sequence last week hosted by Eureka Entertainment at the Soho Screening Rooms. Compared to the first and second “sequences” in the trilogy, the third release isn’t nearly as full-on, lacking the classic scary movie structure of the first and the revolting misanthropic dread so vividly depicted in the second. Final Sequence revs up the camp and the goes for broke with over the top acting and can-we-get-away-with-filming-this gross out scenes . An agitated and predictably messy pubescent ew-fest, one could liken it to a popped zit that just keeps oozing puss and blood well beyond the moment when it would be expected to dry up.

Human Centipede 3 is blood-splattered joke. But it’s a joke that had me giggling and guffawing plenty … when I wasn’t squirming in my seat during scenes of excessive gore. I had a blast watching this movie and was chuckling about it the rest of the day, impressed by the sheer audacity required to create such a piece of cinema.

Not everyone’s going to appreciate the joke though. As I left the venue, two fellows who had attended the same screening stood in the doorway discussing what they had just witnessed. “Pointless. No humour in it,” said one to the immediate approval of the other as I’ll squeezed by thinking about how badly my sides hurt from laughing so hard.

Clearly not suited to everyone’s tastes, look for The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) in selected cinemas from 10 July and on Blu-ray,DVD, and VOD from 13 July. For more about the UK release, visit

The Soho Screening Rooms (a comfy and well kitted place to caught a movie) is located at 14 D’Arblay Street, W1F 8DY. Find out more at

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Live in Italian, Live from London Pop-Up at Potters Fields Park

Live in Italian, Live from London Pop-Up at Potters Fields Park - DSC07370

Yesterday I had a tasty lunch with sunny riverside seating at the short running Live in Italian, Live from London pop-up at Potters Fields Park. The pop-up is on for lunch and dinner today (the final of the two-day event) offering nicely priced top quality Italian food with live cooking demos too.

Hosted sparkling water super brand S.Pellegrino in partnership with two Michelin starred chefs, Theo Randall of The Intercontinental and Phil Howard of The Square, the pop-up sees the chefs cooking “each evening with an exclusively created three-course-menu, perfectly paired with fine Italian wines,” while also providing live demonstrations of each course “within an intimate candlelit setting and guests will be encouraged to ask their burning cooking questions.” During the day there’s a lunchtime service with dishes created by Chris Denney, Head Chef at the popular Covent Garden restaurant, Four to Eight. And that’s what I had for lunch yesterday – a bite of Chris’ dishes.

After a few logistical hiccups leading to a late start (must have been all that Italian fizzy water), gorgeous food was served at a very reasonable £7 for three courses plus a choice of S Pellegrino or Acqua Panna bevvies. The meal consisted of Cornish crab with seaweed, fennel, avocado and blood orange; BBQ lamb neck with an awesome caponata: and a deep fried courgette flower with tomino, beetroot, and grape must ketchup.

Potters Fields Park is located along the south bank of the Thames next to City Hall, SE1 2AA. Delicious! And definitely worth you heading over to Potters Fields Park for a taste. Planning to be in that area this afternoon or tonight? Find out more at

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Review: The Motherf**ker with the Hat, National Theatre

The Mother with the Hat

Hats off to the The Motherf**ker with the Hat, a motherfu**king powerful play that’s well worth catching during its London premiere run this month and next at the National Theatre.

American playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis’ award-winning and 100% N-Y-motherf**king-C story of fidelity fraught with fatigue and compulsion proved a hit in the city where it’s set when it premiered on Broadway in 2011. Now the show has crossed the proverbial pond with the promise of wowing London theatregoers from now to the end of August.

Mother takes place in three Manhattan homes (in Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen, and Washington Heights) with smart set design (Robert Jones) zipping from uptown scene to downtown scene at well under a New York minute and never lessening the pace of Indhu Rubasingham’s direction.

The play tells the tale of Jackie, an ex-con struggling to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. Upon first encountering Jackie, he seems to be headed down the right track. He’s happy, sober, living straight, and has even landed a decent job with the prospect of “career advancement” – until … well … that damn “motherf**ker with the hat” comes into the picture (or was he actually there all along?) to mess it all up.

Ricardo Chavira elicits laudable wallops of practically tangible pathos portraying Jackie’s uncertain and paranoid journey through a minefield of addled emotions. Other performances in the National Theatre’s production are less impactful, though, with a few key relationships lacking the sort of sizzling chemistry and dynamism that Guirgis’ vibrant and full flowing dialogue demands.

Still, the audience of the nearly sold out performance I attended lapped up every line delivered through the entirety of the one hour and 45 minute play (no intermission) with discernably heartfelt glee.

The most appreciated lines – loaded with plenty of LOL quips – came via Jackie’s rather camp cousin and lifelong buddy, Julio, played with aplomb by Yul Valquez (who was nominated for a Tony Award for his originating the role of Cousin Julio in the Broadway production of The Mother). There was ample audience appreciation for Flor De Liz Perez as well for her portrayal of Jackie’s juicy (and juiced up) girlfriend Veronica (think Rosie Perez on a perpetual coke binge, lots of Nuyorican fire but less cutesy sass). At the play’s end, a good number of audience members even roused themselves for a standing ovation (a not-so-typical sight in any London theatre) so moved were they by this driving tale of a sad situation.

What had me clapping with more vigour than usual was the play’s honest account laid out in raw and colloquial language of adults trying to cope in the adult world, yet how they’re not often all that adult about it. In the words of Veronica and Jackie at the onset of the play:

“The motherf**ker delivers!”
“Like FedEx, baby.”

The Motherf**ker with the Hat runs until Thursday 20 August at the Lyttelton Theatre inside the National Theatre, South Bank, SE1 9PX. To find out more and to book tickets go to

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London Daily Photo: Morning Light

LDP 2015.07.03 - Morning Light

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Celebrate Independence à la Français! (OneTravel)


Le quatorze juillet, or July 14th, is Bastille Day. A national holiday in France that’s kind of like the 4th of July in the US (just ten days later and a lot more French), it’s the biggest party day of the year for France when people commemorate the storming of the Bastille, a prison in Paris, on the same date during the reign of Louis XV1 in 1789 and thus commencing the French Revolution.

For Paris bound travelers, there’s no more festively French time to visit this historic and beautiful city. To help you make the most of La Fête Nationale, have a look at this brief guide to the biggest Bastille Day events in Paris.

Read my complete post at OneTravel.

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London Daily Photo: Finito

LDP 2015.07.02 - Finito

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Lunch at Bunnychow


Applying a “tortoise v hare” approach to restaurant reviews, I reckon I’m more the former. It’s taken me ages to get round to having a taste of South African street food sensation Bunny Chow in Soho. But “slow and steady” seems to win the race indeed, as a recent lunch there was worth coming out of my shell for.

Bunnychow is a laidback sort of eatery with a no worries/no pretences vibe to it and where the star of the show is the filling and flavoursome food. Situated on Wardour Street in Soho (nearer the Shaftesbury Avenue end than the Oxford Street side), it’s a smart choice for an affordable quick bite … and if you like a bit of heat with your food, you’ll love bunnychow’s hot sauce (I sure did).

Bunnychow (the place, one word) serves bunny chow (traditional street food from Durban, two words). A “bunny” is a freshly baked bun hollowed out and “crammed” with hot fillings and topped with a bread lid (which serves as an excellent sopper-upper once you’re close to the bottom of your bunny).


During my dine, I tried the Piri Piri Pork Bunny: eight-hour pulled pork with piri piri sauce in a white loaf, which at £5 – and with a heavy handed addition of a few drops of Bunnychow’s super fiery house-made hot sauce – was an inexpensive and tasty kick start to the rest of my day. I enjoyed drinking a “Madiba” (grapefruit juice with vanilla, lime and elderflower, £2) with my food.

Reasons to hop back over (in hare mode rather than tortois mode) to Bunnychow are many. Chiefly, I’d be inclined to dive into another round of piri piri pork yumminess. The restaurant is now serving breakfast (there’s a Full English bunny that sounds delish) as well as a new range of bunnies and sides (plenty of veggie options) including samp – a South African staple of dried corn kernels stamped and chopped until broken – and offer all their juices and boozed up cocktails at very reasonable (especially for Soho) prices (my Madiba with vodka would have set me back £4).

Bunnychow is located at 74 Wardour Street, W1F 0TE. Find out more at

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London Daily Photo: Cheques 4 Cash/Souls 4 Gold

LDP 2015.07.01 - Cheques 4 Cash - Souls 4 Gold

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Polo Bar Pop-Up at Barcelona’s OneOcean Club (CDCLifestyle)

OneOcean Club

Mayfair heads to the Med this August when The Westbury Hotel’s award-winning Polo Bar pairs with Barcelona hotspot, the exclusive OneOcean Club, for a pop-up bar promising to keep club guests refreshed with a delicious array of gin and tonic infusions.

The week of 24 August will see two of London’s top barmen – Polo Bar manager Elias Yiallouris and Tanqueray mixologist Tim Homewood – takeover the marina-side BlueWave cocktail bar at OneOcean Club.

Read my complete post at the Comte des Cierges CDCLifestyle blog.

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5 London Hotels Offering Uniquely Urban Access (OneTravel)

Access London Hotels

Here’s a list of five upscale London hotels offering excellent access to the vibrant metropolis they call home – be it supreme convenience, gentile comfort or a more stylish than typical way to get around town.

Read my complete post at OneTravel.

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London Daily Photo: So Close/So Far Away

LDP 2015.06.30 - So Close So Far Away

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Wimbledon-Themed Afternoon Tea at The Landmark London


Earlier today I had the pleasure of enjoying afternoon tea in the light filled Winter Garden of five star hotel, The Landmark London. I reckon it’s one of London’s most elegant spaces to book an afternoon tea service, and proved to be an excellent setting for me to get through an initially awkward start and have a great conversation.

Hosted by Ladbrokes Bingo, the tea was in celebration of the kick off of that most classic of British sporting traditions – Wimbledon – with pastries and desserts at the end of the service themed around tennis and the joys of the English summertime. Pimms jelly anyone?


In retrospect, I maybe should have done a more thorough job reading my invitation though, as one of the big draws of the tea was the chance to meet “our very special Ladbrokes Buff Ball Boys.” Eh?

Even girlier than a typical afternoon tea, I was one of only two fellas (well, minus the “ball boys”) in attendance amid a sea women … and a troupe of model-y ball boys. I’m pretty sure the other male writer there hadn’t been fully aware of what he was heading to either. Hilarious.

Still, there wasn’t anything especially cheeky about the tea – and certainly not any “Magic Mike” moments. In fact, the “boy” I found myself sitting next to turned out to be actor/filmmaker Chris Vlassis, who explained to me he had been one of Tom Hardy’s body doubles in Mad Max: Fury Road. How cool is that? So, yeah, I totally geeked out talking with him about the film. Fury Road was one of the best movies I’ve seen in ages and it was a lot of fun getting to hear Chris share his experiences working on it.

The Landmark London is located at 222 Marylebone Road, NW1 6JQ. Find out more at

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Hotels Near the Best Shopping in London

Shopping in London

There are all kinds of reasons that you may want to visit the city of London. The history of the city and all of the wonderful tourist attractions you can take it are often more than enough for some people. However, London also offers you some other great features such as fantastic cultural events, sporting events, outdoor venues, fine dining and much more. One thing you may not want to overlook on your visit to the city is all of the great areas available for shopping as well. If you want to take a trip where you can focus your efforts on doing lots of shopping you not only want to make sure you stay in Central London but you will also want an affordable hotel for your stay.

Get the Right Hotel for Your Trip

If your trip is going to be mainly about getting the best places for you to shop you want to try to find a hotel room that is going to be in the Paddington area of the city. Paddington places you close to some great areas so you can get easy access to public transportation to get around the city. You can ride the trains from the various stations in the area, such as Paddington Station, or take advantage of the bus system. Having a hotel that is affordable can make a big difference to you as well. Many hotels in this area can be quite expensive and you want to be able to have extra money to do the shopping you really want to do. When you are looking for hotels in Paddington you should consider Padding Hotel London, one of the nicest and most affordable of the hotels near Harrods, the shopping mecca in London.

Great Price and Location

This hotel is the best among the budget and cheap hotels in Paddington. When you book a room here you will be staying right near two public transportation stations, Paddington Station and the Heathrow Express. This will let you easily catch the train whenever you want to head out to the shops. There are several quality marketplaces right within walking distance of the hotel as well. The hotel itself is an old Victorian building that has been kept in its original style and design. Each room features everything you could need for a comfortable stay and the hotel offers free Wi-Fi in all of the public areas and you can fuel up with a free continental breakfast in the morning before you go to the stores.

For the perfect place to stay on your next trip to Central London make sure you check out the Paddington Hotel London. The hotel is located at Paddington, a district within the City of Westminster in Central London. The hotel staff is available to assist you in any way possible and guide you to all of the best places for you to go and shop. You will find it is the ideal location and the best price so you can be sure to stay within your budget, giving you more time and money to spend on your shopping adventures.

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London Daily Photo: Ceramic and Concrete

LDP 2015.06.29 - Ceramic and Concrete

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UK Premiere of Roxanne by Paul Frankl


Roxanne, a short film created by writer and director Paul Frankl saw its UK premiere last night in the basement bar of upscale hotel, The London Edition.

Shot in 35mm and on location in Soho, the film follows the relationship of transgender sex worker (played cool and even by Miss Cairo) and motherless 12 year-old Lily (spectacularly portrayed by Thea Lamb). It’s an ‘unlikely friendship’ kinda flick – not too dissimilar in theme to, say, About a Boy except the ‘boy’ in Roxanne is a girl and the ‘Hugh Grant’ character is Miss Cairo.

Produced with funds raised via Kickstarter and financial support from Absolut, Roxanne is an enjoyable and compelling piece of cinema and a wonderful tease for what Frankl promises to be developed into a feature length film. I found the choice of protagonist – a transgender sex worker who is not racked in despair … or dying of drug addiction … or being solely identified by her work … or her gender – to be refreshing.

Time and place proved ideal for the screening: during the the early evening hours of London Pride and in the swish Ian Schager designed bar of The Edition, with special Pride themed Absolut cocktails served just a few minutes walk from the streets where Roxanne had been filmed.

The London Edition is located at 10 Berners Street, W1T 3N. For details visit

Find out more about Roxanne at

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London Daily Photo: ESQ.

LDP 2015.06.28 - ESQ.

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Apartments for a Short Time in Reading

Affordable Apartments in Reading

There can be all kinds of reasons why you may need an apartment for just a short while. Many times businesses send employees into a new town or city to do some work on a short-term basis, perhaps for several weeks or a few months. In situations such as this it can get to be quite expensive if you are staying at a regular hotel, no matter what town you are in. When you are staying in the Town of Reading you may find accommodations at a hotel for a lengthier time may be beyond the budget of you, your family or your business. That is why you might be much better off looking into the availability of some of the short let apartments Reading has to offer as a more affordable option for you.

Why an Apartment is Better

Getting an apartment for a short term amount of time can be much better for you in situations like this. Instead of having to go out to eat every day for all of your meals you can have the opportunity to keep some food supplies in your apartment and make use of the kitchen to cook some of your own meals. This can end up saving you a great deal of money. You also will not have to have your laundry done for you when you have an apartment instead of a standard hotel room. You will need clothes for several weeks or months and having the ability to do your laundry can save you a great deal as well. You also will have the ability to park your car at the apartment and then take public transportation, saving you from having to drive to the office every day. If you find that studio apartments Reading might be the best option for you then you will want to see what is available at the Rainbows Lodge Hotel.

Quality and Affordability

This hotel not only has standard hotel rooms but it also has studio apartments available for rental on the premises as well. There are four full serviced apartments that you can rate for very reasonable rates by the week or the month for your convenience. The apartments have everything you could need, including a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, a music system, an interactive TV and DVD player and more. Everything you need is available to make you feel more comfortable in a studio or one bedroom fully furnished apartment here. There is also free parking on site and easy access to the Reading Train Station for your commute.

If you want the opportunity to have more comfortable and affordable surroundings for a longer stay than usual than you will want to see what is available at the Rainbows Lodge Hotel. Check to see what the availability is for the apartments on site so you can make the arrangements right away and secure one of the locations for your time in Reading. It will allow you to have a comfortable home away from home for your time in town.

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London Daily Photo: King’s Cross

LDP 2015.06.27 - Pentonville Road

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Untold Theatre Premieres Second Production: The Scar Test

The Scar Test - Untold Theatre

If this humble review of The Scar Test, the second production by Untold Theatre, serves to make even a few more folks aware of Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, then it’s served a more worthwhile purpose than the usual post on this blog. And if I can help triumph the good work being done by Untold Theatre and encourage people to attend a performance of this power ensemble play as well, well so much the better!

Yarl’s Wood is …

a detention centre for foreign nationals prior to their deportation from the United Kingdom, one of 13 such centres currently in the UKWikipedia;

a fully contained residential centre housing adult women and adult family groups awaiting immigration

Written by Hannah Khalil and directed by Audrey Sheffield, The Scar Test is set within Yarl’s Wood and based on verbatim interviews of its former and present detainees. According to the interviews upon which the play is based, much of what goes on at Yarl’s Wood is appalling, far below the more human immigration practices in place in all other EU nations, and potentially even illegal.

I caught yesterday’s premiere of The Scar Test at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston. Not only touched by the performance and glad for the chance to see such compelling live theatre, I am more informed about the plight of refugees seeking safe haven in the UK and more aware of how poorly too many of these individuals are treated.

Cast includes Claire Chate, Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso, Charity Dooshima Or, Waleed Elgadi, John Gregor, Holly Kavanagh, Debbie Korley, Nadia Nadif, Eileen Nicholas, and Arinder Sadhra … and they all do a stunning job presenting a strong case for at least a bit more compassion toward refugees entering this country (many of them the survivors of torture and rape) and ideally a complete overhaul of the system.

Two upcoming opportunities for you to catch the play (soon!) including the following dates:

South Bank Arts Centre
Cauldwell Street, Bedford MK42 9AH (the town where Yarl’s Wood is located)
29 June at 7.30pm

Colchester Arts Centre
Church Street, Colchester, CO1 1NF
30 June at 8pm

Find out more at

And even more:

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London Daily Photo: Untitled

LDP 2015.06.26 - Untitled

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Affordable Hotel Stays in Edinburgh

Edinburgh hotel

If you are planning any type of a leisure trip or holiday to Scotland one of the places you may want to visit the most is Edinburgh. There is a great deal for you to see and do in the city and you can find all sorts of great attractions that can appeal to everyone no matter what your likes may be. Of course when you stay in the city like this you want to try to find the best accommodations possible for your visit but you also want to be able to stay within your particular budget. You can find cheap and budget hotels in Edinburgh that can still provide you with a top quality stay for a great price.

Knowing Where to Look

When you are first getting ready to plan your trip you want to try to determine just what the top attractions in the city are that you plan to spend the most time at. Once you have this planned out it can be much easier for you to find a quality hotel in the area you want to be in. you want to try to select a hotel that places you in a central location so you have easy access to all of the places you want to go. This means finding a spot that puts you within walking distance, an easy car ride or near to public transportation so that you can get where you want to go quickly and easily. You then will be able to get to all of the sights you want to see without any trouble. When you are looking at the 3 star hotels in Edinburgh that fall into this category and are affordable to you, you certainly want to consider the Piries Hotel Central Edinburgh as one of the best hotels in Edinburgh for you to stay at.

What to Expect

This hotel is in the perfect location both for those coming to the area as tourists and for those that may be in town on business. The hotel is near to all of the main attractions in Edinburgh, such as Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, West End, St. Giles Cathedral and many other top locations. Among the hotels near EICC in Edinburgh this one is among the best and most affordable. You will experience Wi-Fi Internet access, satellite television, tea and coffee service, comfortable bedding and a hot breakfast every morning in the restaurant. There is also a lounge and bar for relaxing moments and a variety of rooms available to suit your party size and needs.

You get all of the great amenities that you would expect at a top hotel when you stay at the Piries Hotel Central Edinburgh and you get it all at one of the best prices in the city. When you are making your arrangements be sure to check the room availability here so you can see for yourself what the hotel has to offer and you can be at a great location for a fantastic price.

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London Daily Photo: Tanabata Fukinagashi Decorations | Southbank Centre

LDP 2015.06.25 - Tanabata Fukinagashi Decorations | Southbank Centre

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A Guide to London Heathrow Airport’s 5 (Soon to be 4) Terminals (OneTravel)


London Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the UK as well as the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic. If you’re planning a visit to London or many other destinations across Britain or elsewhere in Europe, there’s a good chance Heathrow will be the first place in you encounter. Don’t worry though – once past the exit things get better! Still by huge old international airport standards, Heathrow isn’t all that bad.

To help you hit the ground running with ease, here’s a look at the airports five (though soon to be four) terminals …

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London Daily Photo: Memento Mori

LDP 2015.06.24 - Memento Mori

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3 Ways to Celebrate Midsummer in Europe (OneTravel)


The longest day of the year – in a good way – is Midsummer when (as long as any clouds don’t dampen the party) hours upon hours of sunlight cast rays of fun across the northern hemisphere.

Here’s a look at three of Europe’s best spots to make the most of Midsummer …

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London Daily Photo: Looking Up

LDP 2015.06.23 - Looking Up

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Dining at the Renewed Aqua Nueva


It had been some while (like a couple of years) since I had last dined at Aqua Nueva, but I still held strong memories of how much I enjoyed my meal when I recently accepted an invitation to return for a visit after the soft launch of this Spanish restaurant that’s just reopened after a long hiatus for refurbishment.

In all honesty, I couldn’t tell how much of an updating had taken place – it still looked and felt like the same ultra-swish dining space co-sharing with Japanese eatery, Aqua Kyoto. But what you’ll experience when you visit include sumptuous leather seating, ornate metal fretwork, bronze paneling and mosaic floors.

If my recollections were a little unreliable when it comes to noting interior design, it’s still on point when we’re talking food. And I’m pleased to say Chef Alberto Herdandez’s new menu offers plenty of unforgettable flavour.


I loved – and have been craving to have again since my visit – the secreto con patatas ali-oli (a special cut of grilled Iberian pork with aioli potatoes, £9.50). Among the other highlights were chilled, roasted and marinated aubergines served “almagro” style (£6); grilled cuttlefish with cod brandade and potato “violette,” £8.50); marinated crab salad with green apple (£10.50); and a sensational lemongrass rice pudding with blackberries (£6.50).


The wine list was a tasty read and, as you might expect, largely in Spanish. I was happy with a glass each of Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine de Belle Mare, 2014 (£8 for a glass, £30 for a bottle) and Rioja Reserva, Marques de Murrieta, 2009 (£12.50 for a glass, £50 for a bottle).

Service was prompt, informative and friendly.

Aqua Nueva is located on the fifth floor of 240 Regent Street, W1B 3BR with its entrance around the block at 30 Argyll Street. Find out more info at

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London Daily Photo: Bethnal Green Road

LDP 2015.06.22 - Bethnal Green Road

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