Curiocity, Issue B: London, the Zoo

DSC_8965 - Curiocity, issue B

Perhaps a case of form over function, but the form is nevertheless a lot of fun and at the very least innocuous – Curiocity is a new map/magazine “for London” offering “unexpected ideas for journeys and encounters around the capital.”

I got a copy of the second issue of this zine sent compliments of the editors, Henry Eliot and Matt Lloyd. Folded up neatly into a pocket-sized little pamphlet, it was a bit of a treat when it arrived in the post all tiny-like and then even more so when I unfurled it for my initial look-see.

The theme for “Issue B” is London as a zoo and features a central full page map of an “alternative London Zoo with unusual animals plotted across the capital” on one side and a ton o’ quirky London facts on the other. I actually learned a thing or two giving Curiocity a read and even cracked a smile a couple of times. Sorry though, no spoilers. Get your own copy!

The magazine is available to buy online and at a handful of rather reputable stockists (Stanford’s, Wellcome Collection, ICA, Rough Trade East, the British Library, Daunt Books, Gosh! Comics and Foyles). And a copy only costs a measly £2. It’s well worth that. For such a wee publication it’s packed full of interesting tidbits, cool things to do and plenty of quirk. I reckon a copy would make a sweet little gift for someone or just a nice little pick-me-up for yourself.

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  1. woofmutt says:

    Very clever. I really dig the idea that someone is doing this on paper and not as an app. I’d guess most people who see it wouldn’t even understand what the style of the issue pictured is referencing.

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