Deeney’s “Macbeth” Haggis Sandwich (Great British Chefs)


I love haggis. It’s one of the most savoury dishes I can think of and a true winter warmer. The blend of hearty oats, black pepper and, well, all those other ingredients that make haggis so infamously reviled among the squeamish add up to a flavoursome experience that’s unparalleled. And I’m not just hitting you over the head with a hyperbole stick either. Haggis really is one of my favourite foods. So when I heard about a haggis toastie (and that the Evening Standard had claimed it to be London’s best new sandwich) being sold just down the street from where I live, I was clicking my heals to the tune of Auld Lang Syne keen for a glimpse of this glorious sight warm-reekin!

Read my complete review at Great British Chefs.

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