Venerdi, a Very Welcome New Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant on Chatsworth Road, E5


New pizzeria Venerdi is a welcome addition to Chatsworth Road and makes this already happy local resident even more pleased about the dining options around this tasty and constantly improving slice of Hackney.

My girlfriend knows me well. Taking me to Venerdi, a new pizzeria near our flat, for my birthday lunch last week was a wise and much appreciated gift. I absolutely love pizza. Hard pressed, I’d probably say it’s my favourite food. I also really get a kick out of scoping all the changes happening around Clapton and Homerton these days, especially on Chatsworth Road where Venerdi is located. I’d been keen to try the place since I first hear about it (thanks to this LOTI post) and I guess Kemey duly noted my interest (or she was simply hoping I’d finally shut up about the place).


Not quite two months old, there’s nothing particularly fancy or especially novel about Venerdi (well, aside from the half of a Fiat 500 mortared into the restaurant’s interior back wall) – just a superb selection of pizzas, pastas and classic Italian comfort food dishes. The vibe is friendly, as are the servers and even the patrons (an all-ages cross section of pleasant local yocal types).

Prices are pretty awesome. A marinara costs just under five quid and a Margherita is only £7.75 (and definitely worthy of many repeat visits!). Starters are priced around £7 too. I tried and really liked the prataioli fritti (deep fried mushrooms served with tartar sauce, £6.40). Desserts come in at very reasonable £3.95. They’ve got bottled Peroni and Moretti too and what appeared to be an affordable and decent wine list.

Yep, that’s about all it takes for me to have a satisfactory birthday: a quality Margherita in good company, washed down with a crisp Peroni. Following up lunch with some profiteroles and a highly commendable espresso does it for me too.

I’m so glad about Venerdi opening up round the corner from me. There’s more I could rave about, but if you’re in the area just go check it out for yourself. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Venerdi is located at 9 Chatsworth Road, E5 0LH. Word is they’ll be delivering soon! Find out more at and

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