Sweet Thursday: De Beauvoir Town Pizzeria Pleases Any Day of the Week

Sweet Thursday Pizzeria, De Beauvoir Town - DSC_9231

Sweet Thursday is a new(ish) pizzeria and wine shop in De Beauvoir Town. The shop’s unusual name pays homage to a novel by John Steinbeck. Look it up. As far as I’m concerned the Sweet Thursday folks could call their friendly establishment Sour Monday, and I’d still rave about it. The pizzas are proper and the atmosphere ideal for a casual meal any day of the week.

I could rave about the fun interior design, the spacious dining area, the smiling staff, the great wine (a bottle of spiced-honey hinted Ego Organic Monastrell 2011 for £23.50 was a treat!) and whole bunch of other highlights from my recent visit, but there’s only one thing I really want to stress the greatness of: the pizza.

Sweet Thursday Pizzeria, De Beauvoir Town - DSC_9210

Sure, my starter course of nduja doughballs with garlic butter (£3.50) was the epitome of yummy. A side of oven roasted chicory with anchovies (£4.50) was umami-rific too. But it’s the pizza that won my heart. An old fashioned, plain Jane, back-to-basics Margherita (£7.50) did the job as a true Neapolitan style pizza from a wood-fired oven should! Gummy crust with a slightly charred edge, melty soupy centre of mozzarella and tomato sauce convergence … just thinking about that gorgeous pie makes be want to get back to Sweet Thursday soon. Word is they’ve just started doing weekend brunch. Hmmm …

De Beauvoir Town isn’t all that far from where I live and tend often to find myself. Still, whenever there it feels very removed from the rest of London. I visited on a Monday night with Kemey. It was our first “date night” in awhile and Sweet Thursday seemed a suitable setting for a low key catch up. The place was pretty hopping for a Monday night too.

Sweet Thursday is located at 95 Southgate Road, N1 3JS. Find out more at sweetthursday.co.uk.

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