Destination Dining at its Best: Quantus, Devonshire Road, Chiswick


Another great restaurant to add to my list of this year’s best, Quantus offers an exquisite menu of modern European cuisine with a strong Latin influence and a wine list that’s inspired and decidedly Latin tinged as well. Service at this lovely little Chiswick local is formal and prompt yet exceptionally friendly, and the prices are a huge relief.

I’m an East London kinda of guy. Since moving to London in 2001, I’ve been creeping ever eastward in search of the perfect place for the way I want to experience this city. Up-and-coming with a discernibly underdog edge, a multiculti mix of everybody from everywhere and an excellent and still fast improving dining scene: Hackney, for the most part, seems to do it for me.

But then there’s Chiswick. Bucolic family-friendly Chiswick. To write about it is to resist or yield to the temptation to type out “l-e-a-f-y”. Chiswick’s been up-and-staying for ages. There’s no underdog edge to the place, save for constantly enduring everything east constantly stealing the limelight. Of course, if all that hubbub manages to keep the riffraff and hipsters downstream, then perhaps its for the better. Whenever I’m in Chiswick, I see more smiling faces on folks of all sorts out having a good time than I do pretty much anywhere else in town. And, whenever I am in Chiswick it’s to eat.

Chiswick has an amazing cluster of fantastic eateries and is easily one of the tastiest dining destinations in all of London. It’s somewhere I’d happily tramp across town to visit for a destination dine, specifically for another go at Quantus. Just last week, I discovered and fell in love with Quantus and am now craving a repeat. Food, wine, service … every aspect of my dinner impressed and I can’t think of any reason not to recommend this Devonshire Road fine dining restaurant.

The Quantus menu is succinct and nicely priced. Monday to Thursday supper runs two courses priced at £19.50 or three at £23.50. On Friday and Saturday prices are two courses at £23.50 or three at £27.50. Still it’s a toughie from which to choose as everything amounts to a mouthwatering read. I can vouch for the “Phuket inspired” scallops and gambas for your starter while affirming that the veal and prosciutto Milanese with creamy spinach and roquette vinaigrette is as satisfying as it sounds. Allow me also to suggest a wine since I’m on a roll. Tapiz Reserve Chardonnay (Mendoza, 2009) is a vanilla perfumed winner that seems to pair nicely with an infinite variety of dishes. Of course, if you don’t care for my ordering advice, you’ll be in good hands with owners Leo and Enes calling the shots and Argentinean executive chef Juan Zuliani working his magic in the kitchen.

Besides the food, you’ll find service to be top notch and the venue to be an elegant and relaxing setting for celebrating special occasions, enjoying romantic dinners and having an exemplary taste of what makes Chiswick such a delicious destination.

Quantus is located at 38 Devonshire Road, W4 2HD. Find out more at

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