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My 3D Lipo Non-Surgical Fat Removing Experience

I get some pretty wacky invitations landing in my inbox these days. Having a several years old blog and a rather flexible attitude toward what makes a relevant story often adds up to me getting to check out a lot of things I might not have even known about otherwise. Latest of these larks that I actually agreed to try out was the opportunity to book a non-surgical 3D Lipo fat removing and skin tightening session at Skin Associates in Central London which resulted in me loosing 2cm from my waistline. Continue reading

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London Daily Photo: Blue Skies

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American Expat Living in London, Meet Chris (Expats Blog)

Just because Britain and America share a common language, doesn’t mean there aren’t significant cultural differences between them. If you’re coming here from the States, don’t assume things are the same as “back home.” You are in a foreign country. And when you do encounter differences, don’t immediately assume that the Brit way is inferior or even an adaptation. Continue reading

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