Far Rockaway Bar and Restaurant in Shoreditch


A couple of weeks back, a buddy and I hit Curtain Street’s Far Rockaway for a gab session over couple of beers and a pizza. The offers broad appeal if in a rather ‘dude-ly’ fashion.

The “American style bar and restaurant inspired by urban street art and culture, serving New York style food in the heart of London’s creative district” is huge (as in department store size). The vibe here is something like a 12-year-old boy’s dream basement den with skateboards and related ephemera as décor along with all sorts of band stickers, skulls, sports memorabilia, neon and more. There’s lots of ‘more’ actually, though the venue is so cavernous it still seems less than filled. Such a teenage motif ain’t necessarily a bad idea. I was an adolescent boy once (some say I still behave like one), and that sort of setting (loads of cushy sofas, gaming on big screens) does it for me in a memory lane sort of way and can be fun for catching up  with friends.

I remember Joan Jett’s I Love Rock ‘n Roll played while we dined. It seemed like an apt soundtrack.

Pizzas were good and decidedly un-artisan. We went with a16” Rockaway Hot (chilli beef, pepperoni, peppers, jalapenos and black olives, £17), got stuff and enjoyed the heat. Commendably the kitchen does pizza by the slice – something that seems bizarrely alien to so many London pizzerias. Get a slice and a soft drink for lunch from noon to 3pm. Also, Wednesday nights are now AYCE pizza nights (from 5pm to 8pm).

Far Rockaway has an ace beer selection. I loved washing down my pizza with a Brooklyn East IPA (£6). I followed it was a right tasty root beer (which at £3.75 seemed a bit rich). There’s an assortment of cheeky cocktails. Milkshakes too.

All in all, Far Rockaway is the sort of joint I’d be happy to go to again but I doubt I’d go out of my way to make such a visit happen. A good spot of low key catch-ups on “school nights” and (I imagine) a great boozer for weekend action.

Far Rockaway is located at 97-113 Curtain Road, EC2A 3BS. Find out more at farrockaway.com.

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